Best calendar apps to organize your routine

Best calendar apps to organize your routine

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Do you fumble with the large number of personal calendars on devices? There are applications and solutions that integrate all these services into one, organizing work, personal tasks, appointment schedules and general reminders. Thus, it is possible to avoid confusion and ensure that nothing is lost. Below are the best calendar apps to organize your routine.

  • Best calendar apps

    • Google Calendar

    • 24Me Assistant

    • Fantastical 2

    • Any.Do

  • How to integrate Apple’s calendar with Google’s

  • Syncing just a Google calendar

Best calendar apps

Google Calendar

Better to use the calendar in the cloud

One of the most popular and used cloud calendar is the Google Calendar. It may even offer less functionality than the apps below, but it is ideal for anyone who uses Gmail gold other Google apps. Thanks to its friendly interface, you can automatically add events to your calendar and sync them across all your devices. In addition, it is quite easy to download and free.

To download the Android app, click here. For iOS, the link is this.

24Me Assistant

Best for Android users

THE 24me is more than a calendar organizer app, ideal for organizing a busy life. It integrates all calendars, shares lists with colleagues and family and can be used in the free or paid version, which adds some services.

It can be downloaded to Apple or Android devices.

Fantastical 2

Best for Apple users

With a simple interface, the Fantastical 2 allows you to easily create events, alerts, notes, lists, links and tasks, as well as join video conferences with just one touch. It is compatible with Google Calendar and iCloud, Exchange and most other email and calendar services. For Apple fans, the app can also be used on other devices, such as Macbook and Apple Watch no problems. There is a free version available and a Premium account (R $ 35 per month) with more features.

The app can be downloaded for iOS or Apple computers.


Best app to integrate platforms

Anyone who needs to switch between smartphone, tablet and computer while working and needs to keep all their appointments in sync can use Any.Do, an app that works on mobile devices and laptops. All information is organized in a system of colors and graphics, in addition to notifications, which help the user to remember the pending tasks.

This app allows the user to plan their day, synchronize calendars and not risk losing appointments. The app has a free version and a Premium version.

It can be downloaded for Android or iOS.

How to integrate Apple’s calendar with Google’s

If you use an Apple device, but need to use Google Calendar for work, you can integrate the two calendars, did you know? To do this, just follow the step by step below:

1. On your Apple device, go to Calendar> Accounts . Choose Google and sign in to your account.

2. Once this is done, activate the switch calendars to synchronize your calendars and tap To save. Wait a minute while the calendars are synchronized.

3. Finally, open your Apple calendar and you’ll see Google’s calendar events there.


How to organize your calendar on iPhone

Syncing just a Google calendar

Anyone who has multiple calendars related to Google accounts can sync them. You can choose any account, and to do so, go to the Google Calendar sync and check only the ones you want to sync.

Then press the button To save in the corner of the screen and refresh the page to see the changes.

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