"Bernie Sanders gloves"

“Bernie Sanders gloves”

The presidential inauguration ceremony of Mr. Joe Biden of the United States on January 20th.

Did you see it?

Of the 22-year-old poet Amanda Gorman

A reading of the poem “The Hill We Rise”.

And Lady Gaga’s national chant.

It touched my heart!

Inauguration fashion is the focus of attention on my job.

Joe Biden,

Ralph Lauren suit and mask.

His wife, Dr. Jill Biden,

In the New York Fashion District

Brand born in 2017 by Alexandra O’Neill,

A mask on a “markarian” dress and long jacket.

Vice President Kamala Harris

Black designer from Louisiana,


Made in NY purple coat and dress.

Lady Gaga wore it


Couture dress and cashmere jacket.

Jennifer Lopez, who sang her love for America,

Chanel pants & jacket style.

The one that impressed me was

President’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden

And with Vice President Kamala Harris

In anticipation of the world’s attention, dare

Choosing a brand of young designers who make things in NY.

Also, Lady Gaga’s Schiaparelli’s modern couture style.

Although it is a Maison brand in Paris, the artistic director

Former Texas-born “Thom Browne” Men’s and Women’s Design Director

By Danielle Rose Russell.

I added olive leaves with a wish for peace,

The big pigeon gold brooch was also excellent ♪

And after all

This inauguration ceremony, the best dressed award,

Casual style of Burton jacket and hand-knitted gloves

Maybe it was Bernie Sanders ♪



Burton assists Bernie Sanders

He has made a jacket with Mr. Bernie’s face printed on his back.

Because of that edge, I like the jacket,

He says he keeps wearing the same jacket without the face print.

Hand-knitted gloves are hand-knitted with the yarn of an old sweater by an acquaintance who is a teacher.

Recycled recycled PET bottle fleece and lining it

It seems that it was a gift for Mr. Bernie.

Without worrying about the public body and preconceived ideas

Mr. Bernie who appeared at the inauguration ceremony with a normal and attached item.

America has the largest number of corona victims in the world.

Fashion is also said to be a mirror of the times and society.

Mr. Bernie is making noise on SNS,

He said he chose this style simply because it was the warmest.

I expressed the mood of the times most in the inauguration,

I think he was a person who wore “fashion with a heart”. ^^

# mindful-fashion

# mindful-knitting

#sustainable -fashion


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