BenQ Zowie XL2546 eSports Monitor – Review Gaming Gear

Just hold in your hand, you will easily see very clear differences with other popular products on the market. Both rectangular brackets and armrests are made of extremely heavy steel, creating a level and consistency for the screen even though the screen frame only has 25 inches of size, not "oversized" as the screen larger screen size. So that even if you put the case on the table, the vibrations from the fan system can't make the screen BenQ Zowie XL2546 "Shaking" a little bit.

The base of the product is also designed with a flexible swivel joint with the ability to raise / lower the screen to the nearest centimeter. You can also rotate the screen vertically, lift it to a 20-degree angle or lower it to create the most comfortable view. The two side shields also help users focus more on the screen, shield the eyes of the surrounding "competitors" and the black paint makes the image on the background become outstanding, non-reflective knitting. interferes with the user's vision. Even BenQ is so thorough that it takes the screen "controller" to the outside, connecting to the screen through the extension cord so that viewers can easily customize the above settings. BenQ Zowie XL2546 without having to "grop" like other normal gaming screens.

All in all, despite the eye-catching appearance, our "expensive" screen is the product that offers the most comfort to users with the ability to customize the location and customize the menu quickly, simple. All to serve as an "ultimate goal" is to bring the screen to the position that fits within your eye in a style that cannot be simpler.

Truong Thanh

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