Benefits of masturbation

Benefits of masturbation

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THE masturbation it is practiced from the stimulation of Organs genitals, allowing to feel or give pleasure to the partner. Contrary to many misconceptions that are still widespread, the benefits of masturbation on physical and mental health are extensive. Learn a little more about how masturbation contributes to a good balance in our daily lives.

  • Masturbation produces endorphins

  • Masturbation reduces pain

  • Masturbation improves female sexuality

  • Masturbation improves male sexuality

  • Masturbation increases pleasure for two

  • Masturbation reduces stress

  • Masturbation improves body awareness

  • Masturbation helps you sleep better

  • Masturbation prevents prostate cancer

  • Other benefits

  • Vary the modes of masturbation

Masturbation produces endorphins

Endorphin, a hormone secreted in the brain by the pituitary and hypothalamus, is produced in greater quantities during physical exertion and also during periods of intense arousal and at the end of an orgasm. It causes comforting feeling of well-being. A sport activity can increase endorphin release by up to five times in relation to the normal amount secreted by the body. Similar rates can be observed during masturbation.

Masturbation reduces pain

Masturbation acts as analgesic, thanks to the release of large amounts of endorphin, which acts in the body in the same way as morphine. In fact, this hormone binds to receptors located in the thalamus, brain centers for pain control.

Masturbation improves female sexuality

The clitoris is a highly sensitive and highly vascularized erogenous zone. Clitoral masturbation increases sensitivity to pleasure allowing women who masturbate to experience a more pleasurable sex with your partner. A woman who practices masturbation regularly is more likely to have a better sex life.

Masturbation improves male sexuality

Male masturbation improves sexual performance by ensuring greater control over arousal and pleasure mechanisms, allowing men to learn to control enjoyment and prolong pleasure. Masturbation can also help men with premature ejaculation or those who have difficulties to ejaculate. Men who tend to have premature ejaculation can use masturbation to control arousal. Thus, a man who masturbates regularly controls his erections and ejaculation better. In general, men practice masturbation more than women.

Masturbation increases pleasure for two

Practice the masturbation for two it also helps to discover the other’s body, awakens sexuality and allows the couple to better understand what the partner wants during the relationship.

Masturbation reduces stress

During masturbation, endorphin production reduces the state of stress and nervousness. At the moment of orgasm, the elevation of the endorphin level causes muscle relaxation and releases accumulated tensions.

Masturbation improves body awareness

Masturbation allows a best discovery of your body to better understand the excitation mechanism. Men and women comfortable with their bodies are more attentive to the desires of their partners and offer greater pleasure.

Masturbation helps you sleep better

Practice masturbation before bedtime it also promotes better sleep, in part due to the release of endorphins.

Masturbation prevents prostate cancer

Some studies seem to show that men who masturbate run less risk to develop prostate cancer, as it increases the maturation of prostate cells and decreases the accumulation of seminal fluid in the prostate ducts. Further research is needed to confirm this hypothesis demonstrated in a preliminary way.

Other benefits

When masturbating alone, it is also clear that the person protects against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. In addition, masturbation reduces a woman’s anxiety about satisfying her partner.

Vary the modes of masturbation

Changing masturbation practices, either alone or during sexual intercourse, can renew sexual desire and, like any novelty, revive the couple’s interest.

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