Benefits of goji berry

Benefits of goji berry

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O goji berry it is a red fruit grown for at least 6,000 years in the mountains of Tibet. The fruit, which resembles a raisin, falls into the category of superfoods for having in its composition high rates of several important nutrients for the proper functioning of the organism. Therefore, goji berry is also associated with a series of health benefits.

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Composition of goji berry

Goji berry has, among others, very high rates of antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids, vitamins A, C, E and the B complex.

Benefits of goji berry

Goji berry has a number of health benefits for the user. The list is extensive: it fights aging and fatigue, has action anti-inflammatory, improves immunological defenses, helps to reduce blood pressure, bad cholesterol (LDL) and blood glucose levels and also prevents the appearance of vision problems.

Goji berry lose weight

Like any other food, goji berry alone does not promote weight loss. However, it can be a great ally in the fight against extra pounds due to its nutrients. In the presence of fibers, for example, regulates intestinal transit and increases satiety while vitamin C stimulates the oxidation of fats during physical exercise.

How to consume goji berry

Because it is a superfood, so rich in nutrients and full of properties, goji berry may lead some people to think that they should base their diet on it and other similar products. In fact, goji berry should be included in a healthy and balanced diet, with fruits and vegetables and reduced consumption of sugars and processed products. Approximate consumption of up to 150 grams of goji berry per day.

Goji berry capsules

In addition to the shape in natura, goji berry can be found in capsules. This form should only be used under the indication of a health professional and with care, not exceeding the limit of two capsules daily. In addition, the capsules should not be ingested by children, pregnant women, nursing mothers or people who use medication for diabetes and hypertension.

Where to buy goji berry

At health food stores they are the place where goji berry is easiest to find, especially the capsule version. Some supermarkets they also sell dry goji berry.

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