Benedict Rogers: The CCP is a threat to the Chinese people and the world
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Benedict Rogers: The CCP is a threat to the Chinese people and the world

On May 27, Benedict Rogers, Vice Chairman of the British Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, founder of the Hong Kong Watch NGO, published an article in UCA News, calling on the world. clearly distinguish between the Chinese people and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and realize that the CCP is a threat to the Chinese people and the whole world.

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Mr. Benedict Rogers. (Photo via China Tribunal)

Benedict Rogers, who has been with China since the age of 18, taught in Beijing, graduated a belief project in China, and became a senior journalist in Hong Kong. He was banned by Beijing in 2017, and two months later decided to co-founded Hong Kong Watch, an NGO, to monitor the human rights situation in Hong Kong.

For years, Benedict Rogers has been trying to warn British policymakers about the terrible human rights situation in China. “I feel almost like a lonely voice, a cry if not missing in the desert is certainly forgotten on the sidelines.”, he wrote. “The proponents of the so-called” Golden Era “of Sino-British relations got me angry. However, now the world is awakening and realizing the fact that the CCP is not only a danger to their own people but also to all of us. “

“COVID-19 (new strain of coronavirus) started in Wuhan, but because the CCP has suppressed the truth and not eliminated the virus, it has become a global pandemic that causes death and destruction everywhere. place”, Mr. Rogers wrote. “Senior UK parliamentarians … now saying what I have said for years: we must completely revise the UK’s policy towards the CCP.”

Mr. Rogers also emphasized that in this issue, we need to clearly distinguish the Chinese people and the CCP, “Chinese people are the main victims of the CCP’s brutal rule. I want my Chinese friends freed from the regime’s repression, not blamed for the regime that is persecuting them. ”

As a longtime journalist in China, Mr. Rogers pointed out that the CCP has always used nationalism to orient the Chinese people, “They want the Chinese people to see this as a war between China and the West, but we must turn it into a battle between tyranny and freedom, lies and truths, barbarism and humanity. ”

According to Rogers, religious freedom under Xi Jinping continued to go down. Especially in his book on the persecution of Christians in China, Mr. Rogers said these persecution were getting worse. Since Xi came to power in 2013, churches have been destroyed and crosses and Christian symbols have been replaced by portraits of Xi Jinping.

Mr. Rogers said that although it cannot be entirely blamed on Xi Jinping, because the religious persecution has been going on for a long time with the consent of the previous Chinese leaders. However, according to Mr. Rogers, China is witnessing human rights violations “The most brutal since the Tiananmen massacre 31 years ago.”

Mr. Rogers wrote:

“The more I realized, the more I could not be silent. And so in the past five years, the CCP has not only eroded Hong Kong’s freedoms, but has also severely suppressed the Uyghurs – one of the most brutal crimes of the 21st century – as well as severe repression. towards Christianity, attacking Falun Gong Buddhist meditation practitioners, forcing organ harvesting, detaining the publishing house of Gu Min Hai, the abduction of lawyers, bloggers, whistle-blowers, Tibetan and Taiwan issues. All of this has become my motivation [trong việc lên tiếng vạch trần ĐCSTQ]. “

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