Being spicy, you should eat and drink anything to stop spicy

Being spicy, you should eat and drink anything to stop spicy

Spicy food "spicy" is due to the oil capsaicin commonly found in chili, and not just drinking water is less spicy. To stop spicy, instead of drinking water, you can use 1 of 5 ways below to relieve your price.

1. Drink milk

Dairy products, especially normal milk, will work very well thanks to casein – a protein in milk, which will help break the bonds that capsaicin molecules produce with taste cells. This cure has been around for more than 8000 years before people in South and Central America began to chill pepper into their dishes. This also explains why dishes from spicy areas often include adding milk or dairy products to recipes.

2. Drink alcohol

Maybe you like alcohol will like this, but it is only short-lived and not really effective. Famous TV show MythBusters has tried many ways to cure spicy and they discovered that a few sips of beer can help, but because the water and oil do not mix well, beer can make capsaicin spread out more. Make you more spicy.

3. A spoonful of sugar

According to folk experience, sugar will suck chili oil and make you feel better. Honey can also have the same effect, anything is used.

4. Eat chocolate

A chocolate bar can help you reduce spicy because the fat content in chocolate will help remove capsaicin (this substance is more soluble in fat than in water). Milk chocolate can also be used in this situation, even better, because it has higher fat content and even casein.

5. Eat a piece of bread or rice

Rice and bread can be easy to find and they will help to absorb the spicy capsaicin oil to make you feel hotter. Rice is not as effective as bread because it is more difficult to contact because they are in the form of grains, and bread is a big piece.

These things I refer to on Medical Daily, you see which is missing or not standard, please comment more.

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