E-learning en informatique

being self-taught in computer science has never been so easy

Be self-taught in the field of computing is more than ever possible with the advancement of the internet and New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT).

For self-study (we also often use the English-speaking term ofe-learning) in IT, it is essential to have a computer, or borrow one from a media library, or from an internet café. For a certifying self-study, an internet connection is recommended even if it is not compulsory.

If you have the opportunity to buy a computer, and computer equipment useful for your self-study, we recommend specialized shops and sites like https://lajoliemaison.fr, in order to acquire reliable and quality computer equipment.

Before listing our tips, you need to know the advantages of self-study in the exciting world of IT.

The advantages of e-learning in computer science

Given the particular case of computer science, the self-taught person is currently facing many opportunities to find work. The professions in the field are as diverse, that it is a real godsend to become a programmer, an Internet developer, an administrator of sites, blogs, spaces or social networks, or even a graphic designer.

Self-study opens the doors to other possibilities in IT-related professions. Indeed, it allows to acquire more in-depth skills, compared to traditional training. Apprenticeship allows you to push your professional capacities with your own means, and to evolve according to changes and demands on the job.

Success and satisfaction are acquired with a minimum of regular learning. In addition, self-study is not limited to a specific period, it can be undertaken at any time.

The first steps to self-study in computers

Learning computers on your own, on your own, is now more accessible thanks to the web and online courses. Indeed, appropriating the necessary knowledge is no longer done only on the school benches, but also in front of a computer, with a lot of willpower.

You just need to be determined, and to have the appropriate motivation, to open up countless opportunities for the professions of the future.

So, arm yourself with willpower and patience to begin your self-study. These two basic ingredients are the assets needed to overcome computer bugs and blockages associated with incomprehensible technical vocabulary.

It is self-determinism that the learner must have, because it allows to lead to more formative solutions than the long pages of data that must be assimilated.

To be successful in self-study, willpower and patience allow you to move forward by doing your own research, and to learn through personal experiences. For this, it is necessary to be in possession of the appropriate computer equipment.

Purchase a computer to take online courses

A laptop is essential for e-learning
A laptop is essential for e-learning

To start a self-study in computer science, you must have a computer at hand. It is the essential tool to start your self-learning. Having your own computer allows you to collect and save your files in one place. You will be able to carry out your tutorial exercises, and familiarize yourself with your own machine. It is of course not necessary to buy a gaming PC to train online but rather orient yourself towards a portable PC which will allow you to be mobile and to train you regardless of your location.

If you are unable to acquire a computer, you can do so otherwise, by renting a device from a cybercafé in your neighborhood, from the media library of your school or municipality or by using a WIFI hotspot. free like Free Wifi Secure if you are a Free mobile subscriber. In these places, you can ask for help from professionals and computer connoisseurs.

Internet: essential for self-taught learning

If you have the internet connection, your computer training will be easier. It is a perfect tool to refine your research, and to ask for help from experts through blogging, and to learn from the mistakes of others, thanks to comments.

The Internet also offers a range of free courses, which can complement your skill. The web is not lacking in information, to help you understand each blockage.

You will find tutorials, videos, blogs and different exercise models, to apply your knowledge and make your learning fruitful.

So, pay attention to all the information on YouTube, Facebook, and other training platforms that the web offers you. Your self-study will be better if you do not filter to acquire free training, more detailed PDFs, or advice from an IT expert.

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