Being raped, the victim bites off the attacker's 'boy'

Being raped, the victim bites off the "boy" of the attacker

A woman in South Carolina, USA, bitten the penis of a sex offender after the 61-year-old object brought a knife to her neck and sexually assaulted her.

After fighting, the woman called for help with a blood-stained body and no cloth on her body.

According to the Daily Mail, the alleged attack occurred in Greenvile, USA in August but suspects Dennis Slaton, 61, was only charged with first-degree sexual offenses and kidnapping.

Slaton, with a 40-year history of crimes including fraud, conspiracy to rape, has denied any allegations related to her in the most recent incident.

According to a report from the Greenville sheriff's office, the victim reported to the police that on August 8, she was waiting for a friend to come online to meet her when she met Slaton and drove over. However, as soon as she got in the car, she almost immediately felt something was amiss and asked to get off at Woodside Avenue.

This woman offered to pay Slaton $ 5 and agreed by this object. However, shortly afterwards, Slaton brought a knife to her neck, saying she owed him $ 300. Slaton then took the woman home to Kay Drive, then attacked her and threatened to kill.

This woman fought back strongly, biting off Slaton's "little boy" and even pulling a knife and stabbing the man's butt. After being chased by Slaton around the house, the woman eventually escaped and knocked on the door of each nearby neighbor's house to beg for help.

Since no one answered the call for help, the woman – naked and bloody – ran to the Waffe House store on Melvin Drive and South Pleasantburg Drive. Here, staff gave her clothes and helped call 911.

When the police arrived at Slaton's home, they found the subject was covered in blood and there were other bloodstains throughout the house. Slaton was taken to the hospital for surgery.

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