Name the guy who is haunting YouTube: Being anti-simultaneously because he exploded too loudly, too dangerous - Photo 1.

Being anti-simultaneously because of "explosion" is too big, too dangerous

About 1-2 weeks back, the audience watched YouTube in general and the channel owners in particular have gradually noticed "the strange": Continuously appearing a young chat ad opening the video in a flooded way. , the frequency of presence is extremely much. Most especially, the content of this ad is somewhat making viewers feel uncomfortable, offensive and "unable to love".

Opening the commercial on YouTube.

The opening question "Oh, hello, I know you" to attract attention is also the reason many people are obsessed and startled. It is known that this is an advertisement originating from a customer-oriented company in stock trading methods and technologies. Based on the decision of the user to subscribe to the company's service, they can earn money if they predict and trade correctly.

The continuous insertion of promotional videos is not too confusing: YouTube cooperates with valid channel owners, allowing ads from registered brand parties to share profits and make money. Ads have multiple forms and display locations: Open the video head, mid-video, on the video projection interface. Most likely, the brand has decided to choose only the form of opening and opening video for themselves, and carry out a strong mass advertising campaign, making everyone open YouTube every day at least several times to see the mirror. The young man's face shows up.

Name the guy who is haunting YouTube: Being anti-simultaneously because of a loud explosion, too dangerous - Photo 2.

However, the way of transferring the content of this ad is not very popular with many people. "After 1 month, I bought iPhone X. After 3 months, I bought a car. After 1 year, I earned nearly 1,000 USD / day," dozens of comments with the same view that the above words are hard to believe, if not done too.

This raises a lot of concerns when ignorant young people can misunderstand and overdo themselves in "virtual, real money" services according to this advertisement. According to some people who have tried the above trading technology, those who have just registered will be able to enjoy it because the feeling is easy to play and easy to win. However, that can be a psychological blow to the user, making it easier for the player to deliberately and reliably put in more money to lose to the end, if not steady, can lose white and sound more than the original capital. so many, so much.

After all, it is not hard to understand when netizens really feel uncomfortable, partly because they do not believe in the "loud" words of the above youth, partly because these ads appear with extremely high frequency. much on YouTube. It is because the YouTube mechanism requires watching ads for at least 5 seconds to be ignored, so the greeting "I know you" at the beginning of the video will always be played, becoming one of the most obsessed things recent day.

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