Behind the story of Mr. Biden 'spurned' Saudi Crown Prince |  World

Behind the story of Mr. Biden ‘spurned’ Saudi Crown Prince | World

On February 16, responding to a question when Mr. Biden would speak directly with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said: “We made it clear from the beginning that we would to adjust relations with Saudi Arabia ”.

“And part of that will be going back to the official channel of exchange, under the peer-to-peer mechanism. The President’s counterpart is King Salman, and I expect the President to have a talk with the King. I did not predict the schedule of that, ”said Ms. Psaki.

Whether it is strict adherence to the rules of reception or deliberately lowering the rank of Prince bin Salman, this expression shows that the Biden administration does not support the successor of Saudi Arabia. The CIA said that Prince bil Saman foresaw the Washington Post Jamal Khashoggi’s plans to kill a journalist in October 2018.

Director of National Intelligence Service Avril Haines said he would publish a report on the barbaric murder of journalist Khashoggi with the hands of Saudi agents in the country’s consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. Turkey.

Ms. Psaki also implied signaling that Prince bin Salman will no longer maintain warm relations and defy the receptionist with the US as it was under the Trump administration. The crown prince often bypasses the State Department to make direct calls to Mr. Jared Jushner, Trump’s son-in-law and special adviser on the Middle East.

Prince bil Salman is the ruler of the royal family of Saudi Arabia and the person shaping the country’s future.

An example of the power behind the throne of Prince bil Salman is what happened in mid-November of last year. Sources from Israel revealed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Crown Prince bil Salman in Saudi Arabia to then set up a significant diplomatic shift in relations between the two countries. Veteran Saudi observers believe Prince bil Salman did not tell the king about this extremely sensitive visit.

But what Biden is concerned about is not a diplomatic crisis with Saudi Arabia, but its impact on the world.

The central theme in Mr. Biden’s foreign policy speech earlier this month was upholding human rights values, and the power that comes from.

Observers say that with that strength, Mr. Biden plans to rally his allies’ support to contain China – the biggest foreign challenge he has to deal with.

“We will confront China’s economic abuses, counteract their aggression and bullying to repel Chinese attacks on human rights, intellectual property and governance. global, ”Mr. Biden said.

Shortly after that speech, Mr. Biden declared not to support Saudi Arabia in the war in Yemen, including selling smart bombs to support Saudi Arabia’s military campaigns.

Many sources from Saudi Arabia believe that the country’s long-term relations with the US will remain good. Since months ago, some insiders have said that relations with the US will be difficult if Mr. Biden enters the White House, but they are still waiting for a chance to recover.

Mr. Trump attacked a congressman with a Chinese wife

The fact that Donald Trump has just had a sharp attack on a powerful senator in the US Senate over the economic relations between his wife and China suggests that the former president may continue to use Beijing as stick to fight the Biden administration and opponents to maintain his influence.

According to CNN


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