Beginning of the Herron public inquiry: "it was like a concentration camp"

Beginning of the Herron public inquiry: “it was like a concentration camp”

Almost a year after the history of CHSLD Herron de Dorval came to light, journalist Aaron Derfel, who revealed the tragedy that had unfolded in this private establishment, is still struggling to find the words to talk about the horror that was reported to him.

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“It was like a concentration camp,” recalls the health journalist interviewed at 100% Nouvelles.

“There were residents found in their excrement, who had not drunk for a week, without food,” he recalls.

Worse yet, beneficiaries were found dead in their beds.

“It was incredible …”

He recalls that by this time most of the employees had deserted the place, either because they were sick, in quarantine, or who were afraid.

“It’s the most tragic thing. We knew there were outbreaks in CHLSD, but Herron, it was different. There were decisions made by patient attendants and nurses to leave their posts. It raises questions of a criminal nature, ”he believes.

Mr. Derfel believes that the public inquiry which begins today will shed light on what happened in this accommodation center, but that more will be needed to change things.

“Is there a political will to really change things? I know that Mr. Legault has hired 7,000 people as beneficiary attendants, but there are still waiting list problems and structural problems. It will take political will in addition to recommendations, ”he concludes.


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