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Before you think about starting a business, leave your job properly

How many offline sessions, seminars and truth telling when young people ask for experiences, ask for advice, I see the speakers give very general advice, they cannot blame them for two people (ask & answer ) In two different circumstances, the judge missed "asking" bankruptcy, "responding" with a reputation.

Starting a business, starting a business, it was like a storm, not a trend or a wave. In 2011, there were about 72,000 enterprises bankrupt in Vietnam, not counting the bankruptcy units in silence. … about the topic of entrepreneurship.

Should be a small company boss or a company soldier? Going to work to gain experience and money or "create surprises" for people to admire?

Resign "right"

More or less, you are working for a certain company, and now you are preparing to "jump", right?

There is a saying "Don't make others what you don't like". If you're a boss, wake up one morning and get an email from the staff: I don't feel right … I like another job … hello. Something like she quit her job, but, do you like an employee who quit her job by email like that, maybe they thought all night before sending it but they just thought for them in Short-term not need them to think for the company.

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Take a break from work for a little while, exchange thoughts, reasons for your boss and give a clear handover to show that you are a professional, this earth is very round and then there will be a day when you will meet your boss or fellow old business whether on a different job or in a cafe, don't let you be afraid to meet them.

There is one person, please leave the boss to open the business completely like the company is doing, the boss totally agrees and will support. Because business is so difficult to disband and ask to return, the boss fully accepts because then this person has both expensive lessons and the mood of the "business owner". Rather, she secretly gutted the company: Silently informing customers to "support" the new company, dragging personnel in the company, stealing customer lists, software …

And there are many other stories, but why leave the job in the right way: It gives us sympathy in the eyes of our boss and former colleagues, this will help you in the future when you need them. . No one forbids ambition, but do it in a "hold your head" position.

Do what you do best with passion

Bring all your passion into doing what you do best!

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Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg … work for passion so they are rich with passion while we are not working for money. All dreams are made for a lot of money to get a heavy psychological pressure, "Buy a house to get married", "When you can buy a house and a car" …


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