Because of his biography Goldwater before the Disciplinary Council

Because of his biography Goldwater before the Disciplinary Council

A former client of Me Anne-France Goldwater filed a complaint against her with the Bar when she found, to her amazement, that details of her divorce were found in the biography of the flamboyant lawyer.

“I was incredulous. […] There was no doubt as to the identity of the person described. I know a lot [d’étrangers] in Montreal and very few meet these criteria, ”noted the complainant on Thursday during a virtual hearing of the Disciplinary Council.

The lady, who cannot be identified by order of the court, addressed the trustee of the Bar after being informed by her ex-husband that details of their divorce were in the biography of Anne-France Goldwater, Larger than life.

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Her ex-husband had himself been questioned by a friend about the disputed extracts.

Shocked family

These are four paragraphs in the 301 page book. “I live in the failure of people’s relationships. But some cases affect me more than others ”, we can read.

The following sentences describe the sudden separation of a Montreal couple who shared several decades.

Born abroad, the wife is a luminary in health. Her husband worked in the public sphere for a number of years. Together, they had several children with certain problems.

“The day before their […] wedding anniversary, the husband of this woman announced to her: “I do not love you anymore”. Goodbye thanks. I was speechless when she told me that, ”we read.

The whole family was shocked by these words. The man was “stunned” by the irony of the author, who portrayed his ex as a victim.

The latter was shocked to read details in a book that she considered confidential. One of the children even wrote to the publishing house to try to have the passages removed.

During their testimony on Thursday, Me Goldwater pointed out that apart from their family and close friends, no one has contacted them regarding the book. No media either.

Three other complaints

The flamboyant family law lawyer, known for having played The Referee on television, was the subject of three other complaints to the Disciplinary Council in his career, according to our research.

The first, considered frivolous, was rejected out of hand. The second earned him a simple reprimand for inappropriate language. She was acquitted of the third.

Me Goldwater will testify on Friday.


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