Beauty turned! Lenovo’s Forbidden City co-branded Xiaoxin notebook released

Lenovo ’s China Consumer Strategy Product Release and Channel Conference was held in Beijing. Lenovo and the Palace Museum reached a strategic cooperation. This time, they released a number of co-branded products from the Forbidden City, including the AIO all-in-ones already on the market, the upcoming Xiaoxin notebook and YOGA. Three notebook PC products, as well as a number of SIoT and peripheral products including body fat scales and Kanjiabao.

On November 15, Lenovo’s China Consumer Strategy Product Launch and Channel Conference was held at the Nuojin Hotel in Beijing. At the 35th anniversary of this monumental time, Lenovo also made new upgrades and layouts for consumer product strategies, and also announced some surprising big moves at the press conference. Lenovo is determined to continue to maintain its position as a leader, occupy the leading position and have the right to speak in the future technology industry.

Lenovo consumer strategy product launch site

The conference kicked off in Lenovo ’s 35th anniversary brand video. Zhang Hua, vice president of Lenovo Group and general manager of China ’s consumer division, Wang Chuandong, vice president of Lenovo Group and chief marketing officer of China, and Lou Wei, vice president of the Palace Museum Yu Aijing, deputy general manager of Beijing Cultural Investment Group, and other important guests came to the scene. Zhang Hua first addressed the development of Lenovo’s consumer business in China. He mentioned that in the PC offensive battle in 2019, since the “Summer Promotion” began to show a continuous increase in sales performance, the actual sales of PC in November increased by 55% year-on-year, far ahead of the market. The market share is close to the sum of the second to fourth manufacturers; in the Device + assault, it has also opened up the situation and ushered in high-speed growth. Among them, SIoT sales increased by 735% year-on-year. Product layout and channel layout are forming a system. On the one hand, the overall volume of value-added services increased by 45% year-on-year. Both fronts have grown at full speed with impressive results.

Zhang Hua, Vice President of Lenovo Group and General Manager of China’s Consumer Business Department, delivered a speech on channel business

In addition to the overall review of the excellent results achieved in the consumer business level throughout the year, Zhang Hua also mentioned the future strategic deployment of consumer products. In the future, the consumer product business will be comprehensively upgraded and adjusted based on the core direction of the “3 × 3 strategy.” The so-called “3 × 3 strategy” means building the three major capabilities of product power, retail power, and marketing power, while supporting and building on the three cornerstones of smart services, smart engines, and member centers. Lenovo ’s absolute competitiveness in consumption.

Wang Chuandong (Left 1), Vice President of Lenovo Group and Chief Marketing Officer of China, Lou Wei (Right 1), Vice President of the Palace Museum, and Yu Aijing (middle), Deputy General Manager of Beijing Cultural Investment Group, reached a tripartite strategic cooperation

In the press conference, the strategic alliance between Lenovo and the Palace Museum was arguably the biggest bright spot. Wang Chuandong said that for Lenovo, the 35th anniversary is a moment of great significance. Selecting a brand alliance with the Forbidden City at this time is a very important strategic move. Lenovo has always been a model for our national brands to go to the world stage. Since its establishment, it has been working hard to empower modern technology with creativity and ingenuity. The 600 years of vicissitudes of the Forbidden City have precipitated the ingenuity of the ancients and the exclusive ownership of the Chinese nation The wisdom is the epitome and expression of China’s outstanding traditional culture and folk art. This cooperation is based on the original intentions of both parties to disseminate and promote outstanding national culture, and it can also be regarded as a cross-temporal “dialogue” of ancient wisdom and modern technology.

Lou Wei, Vice President of the Palace Museum

Lou Wei from the Forbidden City said that the IP of the Forbidden City has become a hot topic for brands to cooperate in recent years, but the Forbidden City also has strict standards in selecting partners. This cooperation with Lenovo is a sight of the meeting point between the two, which is dedicated to inheriting national wisdom, and is a new breakthrough based on wisdom mining.

Forbidden City joint “Bao Yun Lou” AIO machine

The co-branded products of the Forbidden City released this time include three PC products including the AIO all-in-one computer, Xiaoxin notebook and YOGA notebook that are about to debut, as well as a number of SIoT and peripheral products including body fat scales and housekeeping treasures. According to joint product designers, several of the product designs introduced this time were inspired by their actual visits to the Forbidden City.

Joint product designers share design experience

For example, the AIO all-in-one machine is inspired by the “bucket arch structure” used by a large number of buildings in the Forbidden City. The bucket arch is the wisdom of ancient craftsmen. Its role is to transfer the weight of the roof to the roof by using only tenon and mortise. The pillars of the building make the building stand upright; the design of the “Forbidden City Red” small new notebook is inspired by the salt water cliffs on the palace’s cultural relic “Big Red Filigree Silk Painted Eight Balls of Plum Orchid Bamboo Chrysanthemum Robe” Pattern with plum orchid and bamboo chrysanthemum flower pattern. The seawater river cliff pattern has a moral meaning of “awe-inspiring spirit will always exist in the body” since ancient times. The image of Meilan bamboo and chrysanthemum reflects the gentleman’s character. The design of this product is full of Lenovo and the Forbidden City’s beautiful blessings for young users.

Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 13 Forbidden City Edition

Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 13 Forbidden City version, the overall use of the Forbidden City red color, A side and C side with golden cloud pattern, with a touch of classical calm. Xiaoxin Pro 13 Forbidden City version uses a 13.3-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 2560X1600, 100% sRGB color gamut coverage, and a screen ratio of up to 90%. It is quite thin, with a thickness of only 15.95mm and a weight of only 1.27kg. In terms of core configuration, there are optional i5-10210U quad-core and i7-10710U six-core processors. The memory comes standard with 8GB, up to 16GB, and the entire system uses 512GB storage.

Lenovo YOGA Notebook Forbidden City Edition

For the strong alliance between Lenovo and the Palace Museum, Yu Aijing also gave full affirmation. She said that Lenovo is a national brand with cultural heritage and spiritual connotation, and the Forbidden City is also a master of Chinese wisdom. The cooperation between Lenovo and the Forbidden City is based on “smart” dialogue and hand-in-hand. The joint products finally presented are more powerful and attractive. I also hope that more national brands can cooperate with the Forbidden City IP to carry forward the essence of national culture. .

The so-called national is the world. Chinese traditional culture and excellent national art, as a new fashion and new trend, are being exported to the world. As a representative Chinese brand, Lenovo is also blowing the “Chinese style” in the world’s technology industry. “. In the future, I believe Lenovo will discover more Chinese wisdom and continue to help the spread of “national tide” with its own strengths.


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