Beauty supplement "KIYOMERU" in the swaying season

Beauty supplement “KIYOMERU” in the swaying season

I was very well during the year-end and New Year holidays, probably because of the daily muscle training effect or because my nerves are thick in the first place. It was in a bad condition in early spring. Itchy eyes, itchy nose and throat. The skin is also rough here and there … Yes, it’s pollen. I completely forgot about pollen because of the virus turmoil.

In a hurry, I decided to do everything I could think of, such as medicine at the hospital, goods at the pharmacy, and Botox nose drops at the cosmetology dermatology department. I also added a beauty supplement for home care. This is a semi-order beauty supplement of “ONE to ONE Beauty”.

After about 3 minutes of skin counseling online, it will tell you the best supplement for you right now. As expected, “KIYOMERU” was picked up in this counseling.

Contains flaxseed oil, proteoglycan, rich collagen, etc., which are rich in omega 3 and the recently booming bacterial growth ingredients such as lactic acid bacteria and sake lees extract. A perfect blend for those who want to refresh their body from the inside. I only have a feeling that it will be a good supporter.

That’s why I decided to accompany “KIYOMERU” this spring, but while I was looking at the site, I found another “MEGURASU” …

This is rich in ingredients that promote blood circulation, such as hihatsu extract and carnitine. It’s perfect for those who have been worried about overeating, lack of exercise, and physical activity due to Corona’s self-restraint. If I survive the pollen season, I will make it a friend of body makeup.

I want to prepare from the inside of my body just before the season when I want to move in earnest.

Contact: ONE to ONE Beauty

Beauty supplements:[KIYOMERU][MEGURASU]2 months / 4950 yen (tax included)

惣流 マリコ / Mariko Soryu

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