Beautiful ornamental fishes, easy to raise

Raising ornamental fish in the house not only brings vitality to the house but gradually becomes a hobby and passion of many people.

Many studies have shown that raising aquarium fish can help people reduce stress and anxiety. So, if possible, you should raise some beautiful ornamental fish to relax after stressful working hours.

Here are some beautiful freshwater aquariums, easy to raise, suitable for beginners, please refer.


This is a beautiful aquarium fish, easy to raise, gentle and cheap. The goldfish belongs to the carp family, omnivorous, ranging in size from 16-20cm and has a quite long life expectancy, up to 20 years.

There are many varieties of goldfish with 3 different tails like goldfish with 3 tails, gold eye with protruding eyes, ranchu goldfish, goldfish spreading …

Japanese Koi Fish

Japanese Koi Fish

This is one of the most beautiful aquarium fish in the world. Japanese Koi fish have a long round body, fins and long tail, subtle color combination, flexible swimming style that many aquarium hobbyists love.

Koi fish belong to the carp family, live in fresh water environment, easy to raise, adapt to harsh conditions. This fish has a long life, from 25 to 75 years.

Swordfish (snapper)


Swordfish stand out with a long pointed tail accounting for 1/3 of the body. This fish is very gentle, can live in harmony with other ornamental fish in the tank.

Swordfish are very strong, rarely sick and omnivorous. They can live in small aquariums without using oxygen.

Siamese fighting fish (pan-fried fish)

Siamese fish

Siamese fighting fish are small in size, from 6 – 8cm long depending on the type. This ornamental fish has vivid colors and thick fins. Siamese fighting fish is easy to raise, strong vitality, does not need much care.

Blood fish dance

Blood fish dance

The dancing blood fish is very beautiful red, the body is round, the back is curved, the head is pounced forward and the beak is like a beak. This type of aquarium fish likes to be clean, so farmers should pay attention not to get water too dirty.

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