The main characters of The Witcher: Beautiful, beautiful, but

Beautiful is beautiful, but “out of waves” compared to the original!

Since its broadcast in late 2019, The Witcher has quickly become a phenomenon not only on Netflix, but also of the world television industry. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, this series has brought to life a vast fantasy world, full of fictional elements such as magic, monsters, and of course not lacking. even political fights were suffocating.

The Witcher created a fever for world television as soon as it was released.

The first 8 episodes of The Witcher mainly exploited the content of the two short stories The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, mixed with a bit of the opening of the Blood of Elves, when Cintra collapsed. Although it caused a lot of confusion when implementing 3 different timelines at the same time, but in general, The Witcher gave the audience the most basic information about the main cast throughout, including the hunter. Geralt, the sorceress Yennefer and the princess Cirilla.

Producing a series adapting a novel that is so famous in the world has never been a simple task. In addition to the plot building, there must not be too many conflicts with the original, character creation is also a factor that is extremely interested by fans. Here are some basic comparisons between the main cast’s appearance and the characters they portray in Sapkowski’s work.

Geralt (Henry Cavill)

The main characters of The Witcher: Beautiful, beautiful, but

Henry Cavill is arguably the most expensive name in the first season of The Witcher. Before joining this series, the actor left a lot of impressions through blockbusters like Man of Steel or Mission: Impossible – Fallout. However, Cavill is considered to be a bit more “capitalist” than Geralt in the original – which is depicted as slim, ribbed and scarred from countless fights with monsters.

Sapkowski does not emphasize how handsome or good-looking Geralt is in his novels. He just described him as possessing an impressive appearance, cold eyes and a scary smile. Some readers rated Geralt’s appearance as somewhat ugly, but charming, enough to attract women. Geralt’s styling in the game pays great attention to the details of the keloids on his body, even giving him a never-healed cut in his left eye. But it must be emphasized that the witcher series is almost a fan-fiction product and does not count towards the main plot of the novel.

One interesting detail that both movies and games have overlooked is Geralt’s ability to change the pupils, when he can narrow his pupils and turn his eyes into a pair of solid eyes – the eyes. of a viper. This ability helps him improve his vision, especially in low-light environments. In the Netflix series, Geralt possesses golden eyes, but lacks the flexibility of pupil elasticity.

Before The Witcher aired, there were many stoning comments about Henry Cavill, and thought that he was too big to take on the role. But after watching his stellar performance in the first eight episodes, that factor probably doesn’t matter too much either.

Yennefer (Anya Chalotra)

The main characters of The Witcher: Beautiful, beautiful, but

Yennefer was destiny, Geralt’s confidant, but the witcher himself had not really good impressions of her the first time they met. In the book The Last Wish, Geralt described Yennefer as “Seductive in its own way, but cannot be considered a watery beauty“. Next, he went deeper into the details on the powerful magician’s face: “Her nose is a bit long, her lips are thin, her chin is slightly downward, and her eyebrows are too strange“. Geralt also notices that one side of Yennefer’s shoulder is slightly raised from the other – a legacy of her humpback back.

In the witcher universe, female magicians often possess a natural appearance that is not too prominent, eye-catching, or even somewhat bizarre. Sapkowski’s novel explains that in that society the main goal of a girl is to grow up and get married. Only girls who are not really pretty, who have no eye on and fall into a “stable state” are sent to Aretuza Academy to learn magic.

During the first season of the movie, the female mages in training here also contain a lot of magic that helps them improve their appearance. Which includes: “Elongate and rebalance legs, improve bones and joints, patch chapped lips, remove scars, dark spots and smallpox. Young female mages need to be sexier, which is the condition and nature of their work. The end result, we have “artificially beautiful” women with the cold eyes of ugly girls. Girls who cannot forget their physical defects are now enveloped by magic, all for their work.“.

In addition, details scattered throughout the novel also indicate that Yennefer possessed “pale triangular face, purple eyes and slightly twisted lips and distorted lips“. In particular, her hair is very unusual, described as “dense as a bush“So. Anya Chalotra’s version of Yennefer does not really match the original 100%, but she still retains two characteristic features: Black, long, slightly curly hair; and especially the beautiful violet eyes – the point that captivates Geralt, be it in books, movies or games.

Ciri (Freya Allan)

The main characters of The Witcher: Beautiful, beautiful, but

When Geralt first met Ciri (age 10) in the Sword of Destiny manga, she was depicted with “ash-colored hair with a hint of blond, stinking, and large, bright green eyes“. The beautiful, different eyes are the common point that the three main characters of witcher all own in the novel version.

As for the Netflix series, Freya Allan wore a look relatively close to the original: gray hair, dirty, dusty, but her eyes were a lot of blue and green. Besides, she was also “hacked” a bit, because Ciri was 12 years old in season 1 and actress Freya was 17 years old at the time of filming.

In the game version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, although Geralt always describes Ciri as having ash-gray hair, the little girl (now a young girl) wears silver-white hair. This is a detail directly related to the original novel, when Geralt notices that his destined child has begun to develop white streaks on top of his head after going through so much hardship, hardship and confrontation. Top with no less danger on your journey.

Jaskier (Joey Batey)

The main characters of The Witcher: Beautiful, beautiful, but

If you have tore up Sapkowski’s novels, you will immediately recognize the biggest difference in Jaskier’s appearance: It is that blond hair has now turned deep brown. His name itself, in Polish, also meant yellow flower, was later changed to Dandelion in the English version and has the same meaning.

The fashion style of this romantic bard has also changed more or less and maybe it is less luxurious than the original. In its first appearance, Jaskier is described with “a lilac coat and a skewered hat“. The hat is the most important item in his closet, and stuck on it is a feather long enough to wipe the floor when he bowed.

With the television version, Joey Batey’s Jaskier is still loyal to the colorful but lighter clothing style, with details such as puffy sleeves, lace trim. However, he hardly wore a hat in any of the scenes, whether singing or fighting Geralt.

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