Beautiful European autumn under Galaxy Note 9 lens

Beautiful European autumn under Galaxy Note 9 lens

Europe in the last days of the autumn is quite cold, the leaves are yellow, the ancient castles rely on each other, the narrow streets, beautiful nature-like parks, the tall girls wearing walking boots hurriedly, couples holding hands together along the Seine, … It all gives a strange feeling but is familiar to people who are new to the old continent for the first time. Accustomed to these images have been seen somewhere on the film, in books, but still strange because everything is different from other Asian countries or streets.

PV ICTnews had a business trip to Germany, then visited Holland, France, and recorded many scenes in a few days with the Galaxy Note 9.

A small house next to the Main-Taunus Arboretum park on the outskirts of Frankfurt (Germany).

Bringing a high-end smartphone like Galaxy Note 9 to travel will have many advantages. The device has a strong configuration, so the processing speed is fast. When you are sitting in a car or sitting on a boat, catching a glimpse of the beautiful scenery just press the power button twice, the camera will activate to take a picture immediately. Fast focusing speed and high shutter speed should capture many moments.

It also has the S Pen button as a remote shutter button, easy to take a selfie or take a large group of friends without anyone. Photos from the device can be used immediately or use some app to edit images more shimmer and immediately post to social networks.

Another cool feature is the ability to zoom 2x, to help photographers capture a building block, a couple, an object from a distance.

The first stop on the trip is the city of Frankfurt (Germany). The city features square, practical, modern buildings. However, the pure European definition is still evident in the old town, around the city hall.

The yellow leaf-covered road falls inside the Main-Taunus Arboretum park.

The park is like a miniature natural forest, with colorful leafy trees. Photos taken at dawn, the light is quite weak but the phone still gives a good color.

In the morning of dew, in the park someone will ride a bike, quite a lot of people take the dog for a walk.

Ancient architecture of Frankfurt city hall. In front of the building the flag of the European Union (left), the German flag (middle), and the state flag of Hesse – where Frankfurt is the largest city.

Love locks are very much along the Eiserner Steg Bridge (Iron Bridge) across the Main River – the big river that runs along Frankfurt.

The word on the bridge can clearly see the distant Evangelical church. Now the phone needs a 2x zoom to capture the close-up of the church from afar.

After staying in Frankfurt for two days, PVNews will travel by bus to Holland, a beautiful and peaceful country that shares a border with Germany.

The Netherlands is considered the most bicycle-friendly country in the world, there is always a bike-only road in most streets here. In the picture are two women riding bicycles in a 7-8-degree airspace in Eindhoven, the southern Dutch city.

The Netherlands is famous for images of windmills, however rarely see windmills in the city center like Eindhoven. In the picture is a windmill still working normally, inside is a bar.

It's easy to see autumn-covered roads anywhere in Eindhoven.

The house is quiet in the corner of a small road, glowing with a tree full of red autumn leaves.

More than 1 hour from Eindhoven is Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. This city is quite crowded with tourists this season.

A street on the central street in Amsterdam, where prostitution and marijuana are legal. The photo shows the very good backlighting capability of Galaxy Note 9.

Amsterdam is famous for its numerous canals. Buildings that have been built for more than a hundred years are located on canals.

Bicycles, bridges, castles are the three most visible things when walking or sitting in the center of Amsterdam.

Beautiful afternoon sun on the canal.

A man sitting relaxed in a very beautiful weather.

Tourists often take "check-in" photos on small bridges across the canal, next to them are two indispensable things: flowers and bicycles. The photo shows the ability to take a picture of the deletion of Note 9.

Ending 2 days 3 nights with beautiful weather in the Netherlands, Reporter ICTnews continues to catch a bus to Paris – the magnificent city. Paris weather at the end of October was quite murky, sometimes rainy, so it affected quite a lot to photos.

Visible wind turbine blades on the road from the Netherlands to France. Although shooting through the bus window is running fast, due to the speed of capturing and capturing quickly, the finished image is still quite good.

As soon as I arrived at the hotel in the evening, PV ICT News immediately walked nearly half an hour in the cold to find the symbol of Paris: The Eiffel Tower. The night photography capability of the Note 9 is still good.

The next day's weather is quite murky, but there is no shortage of couples taking photos, wedding photos on the symbol of France.

With the weather always below 10 degrees, dim or sunny, you always see someone jogging beside the Seine river any time of the day.

Walking along the Seine, countless castles bearing the European architecture often described in the story, the film will reveal a mysterious beauty in front of visitors.

A couple is taking pictures on the famous Pont Alexandre III bridge across the Seine. Photos taken from under the bridge, using 2x zoom function on smartphones.

Visitors are crowded right from the famous Louvre entrance.

Guests mainly visit the outside rather than queuing in the museum, which is very large and the tickets are not cheap.

Inside the Sainte Chapelle church, is also a wonder along with many other famous French landscapes next to the Seine. The photo shows the ability to take photos in the house of Note 9.

Beautiful trees in the Luxembourg Garden (Jardin du Luxembourg), a 17th-century garden, famous for orchids, roses, ancient statues, …

Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, which inspired Victor Hugo to write a novel The Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris.

The last day of October, Paris was a little sunny at the end of the afternoon. The afternoon is quite beautiful on Seine and the Eiffel Tower.

While most tourists travel on large roads along the Seine, local people, people who like to walk down to the river close to the river. Some people will sit back, watch the seagulls fly, watch the passing train, sip their favorite drinks and chat with friends.


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