Be Unstoppable – ASUS launches 9-generation Intel CPU products

Be Unstoppable – ASUS launches 9-generation Intel CPU products

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Last June 27, ASUS organized the event program Be Unstoppable launches the 9th generation Intel CPU product range with many upgrades from current high-end gaming laptops and "super products" ASUS Mothership limited edition.

With new power from the 9th generation Intel Core processor, mobile products for ASUS gamers launched at this event once again upgraded their mobile gaming products to a level. new high.

Most visible at the event Be Unstoppable is the upgraded version of the long-established "gaming" laptop series such as Scar, Hero or Zephyrus series with advanced features, 9th generation Intel Core processor and graphics processing chips. RTX series.

The product of 2019 launched in the event Be Unstoppable This time all are equipped with "standardized" with two options. One is a "super-speed" screen that has a 240Hz scan frequency for professional gamers, and a 144Hz screen that meets Pantone's color standards with the ability to accurately display printing colors, suitable for users to create content, make graphics, or design art to make the most of the power of advanced laptop systems.

Most prominent in the premiere Be Unstoppable This time is the portable All in One model (AIO) ASUS ROG Mothership with the design of "redefining" the concept of a gaming laptop with a vertical structure, a removable keyboard and the power of the "dinosaurs" in the market today.

Machine equipped Intel Core i9 9980HK CPU and graphics card NVIDIA RTX 2080 Full-capacity version instead of Max-Q versions on thin-and-light gaming laptops, although the maximum thickness of the product is only 3cm.

The reason that the device can keep the size of "small" while still possessing a terrible configuration is thanks to the vertical frame design instead of the horizontal frame as the traditional laptop.

This design increases the space and air flow, increasing the efficiency of heat dissipation by 10% to 15% depending on the operating conditions of the system. And yet, ASUS also cooperates with Thermal Grizzly to apply liquid metal to the heat sink for the above processing chips. ASUS ROG Mothership, increase the efficiency of temperature transmission compared to using the current ceramic glue mixture.

In addition to increasing the heat dissipation performance, this new design also gives users the absolute freedom to arrange their workbench and gaming console with the foldable wireless keyboard that comes with the device. This is a wireless gaming keyboard with low latency, RGB backlight and up to 8 hours of uptime before needing to recharge.

Come to the event Be Unstoppable, ASUS also brought the "Face off" concept to work with BMW Designworks with many advanced features of a future gaming laptop. These features have been partially applied to gaming models ASUS ROG Strix G As the company's "mainstream" universal gaming console to gamers.

The products range in price from 23 million 999k to the model ASUS ROG Strix G G531 up to 52 million 990k with the model ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX502. Own model ASUS ROG Mothership The price is up to VND 180 million and has a limited number of attractive gifts.

Once again, ASUS showed its innovative capabilities in mobile gaming. Along with the 9th generation Intel microprocessors, the products are introduced by the company during the event Be Unstoppable All are powerful machines, able to "weigh" modern games at the highest setting, fully serving the needs of gamers and content creators with a wide range of options and attractive prices. . will update the latest reviews for you in the future.

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