Be overwhelmed by the missile battle scene recorded by drone from above - Photo 1.
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Be overwhelmed by the missile rally scene recorded by drone from above

The Twitter account of Samuli Haapla, a documentary filmmaker from the Finnish Defense Force, recently shared precious footage, recording a real missile shooting from above.

In nearly 1 minute, a series of 122mm missiles fired at the location on the training ground made viewers unable to turn their eyes. The missiles fell from above and exploded as soon as they hit the ground.

Filming the process of artillery training and missile shooting is one of the toughest challenges for every cameraman. The nature of artillery shells, missiles are falling from above and destroying a large area. Therefore, if you do not know how to set the rotation position accordingly, the drone-like devices can be destroyed immediately.

Be overwhelmed by the missile rally scene recorded by drone from above - Photo 2.

It is known that Haapla used the drone DJI Phantom and let it fly at a distance of 40 meters away from the location where the rocket landed. At this distance, the drone can still record details of the images when the missile raises the target. Some missiles even flew behind the drone but unfortunately no collisions occurred.

The missile in the training phase was launched from the RM-70 jet cannon complex. This is a system made by Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic) during the Cold War period. The system is mounted on armored trucks with 40 122mm rocket launchers. RM-70 has a range of up to 22km. Each missile weighs about 19.18kg, much heavier than regular artillery shells.

The RM-70 system was designed to destroy large targets with a series of small missiles, making it impossible for the enemy to manage because of the firepower. According to military experts, the RM-70 rocket launcher is a useful system in suppressing enemies in ground attacks.

Stunned by the missile rally scene recorded by drone from above

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