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“Be honest, not fake”… Kang Daniel, took out the hidden flesh [종합]


“The flesh that I didn’t want to take out,
Expressed honestly”

New single’PARANOIA’ released
On the 16th at 6 PM, the sound source and the music video are released
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“I’m greedy, but I’m not greedy. It’s a little weird, right? I have everything I want to say and show you!”

Singer Kang Daniel is back with music that contains his honest story.

Kang Daniel held an online press conference to commemorate the release of digital single’PARANOIA’ at 2 pm on the 16th.

On this day, Kang Daniel said, “After a long time on the stage, my body did not rest for 6 months, and I continued working on it,” and said, “I feel like I found a new me while working on a new album.” He then smiled, saying, “I feel like I’ve regained my original intentions after a long time because I was so excited about my adrenaline throughout my work.”

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Through this title song’PARANOIA’, which means’paranoia’ or’damage delusion’, Kang Daniel expressed the pain, conflict, and anguish he actually experienced. Keywords that symbolize Kang Daniel’s feelings are hidden throughout the music.

In this regard, Kang Daniel explained the theme of the new song and said, “It is definitely a little heavy, but there is only a difference in degree and depth, and at least once, everyone seems to have experienced it at least once. Something like a fight with himself?” I wanted to express things.”

Kang Daniel also said, “It was the part I wanted to hide, so it took a lot of time to get this feeling out” and “I wanted to openly talk about the honest stories in my heart with the people living in 2021.”

Kang Daniel, who expressed’I took out some of my flesh,’ added, “I prepared while thinking about how many people can relate to it.”

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Kang Daniel confessed that he had suffered mentally shaking ups and downs last time. He said, “There was a moment when everything seemed overwhelming and big to me. In fact, I was proud of my fans as’steel mental,’ but it seems to have gradually weakened.” When I wrote a song,” he said.

Kang Daniel, who came to the public after such a difficult time, cited fans, family, and overseas artists as the driving forces that gave him strength. He said, “The fans are the people who made me cool. Kang Daniel is just Kang Daniel, but the people who gave me a lot of meaning and cheered me up are the fans,” he said, saying, “I love the fans.

Also, Kang Daniel, who was greatly comforted by his mother and companion animals, said, “I watched a lot of stage videos of foreign artists, and looking at such things, I asked myself,’What was I trying to pursue?’ and’What did I want to show myself?’ It was healed.”

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Kang Daniel chose’choreography’ for this comeback killing point. Kang Daniel said, “My choreographer was inspired by the Venom character in the movie’Spider-Man’ and the movie’Constantine’.” He added, “It has nothing to do with the subject or content of the movie, but Venom has a feeling of fighting with his self.”

Kang Daniel also said,’I am greedy, but a strange feeling without greed’ as a self-review for the album work. He laughed, saying, “It feels like I showed you all the things I wanted to say and the things I wanted to show.”

Kang Daniel said, “When I look back on 2021, I hope that I will be the best year as an artist. I want to run without regrets and have a tragic heart,” and said, “Looking a little longer, I want to remain honest and unaffected by myself. I’m 26 years old, and I don’t want to hide about myself. I don’t want to decorate myself with fakes, and even if it’s a bit lacking, it’s also me. I want to be a person who empathizes and impresses someone.”

Kang Daniel’s new song’PARANOIA’ contains autobiographical content that is exhausting and struggles in a delusion that cannot be escaped, and is a song that combines heavy drums, eerie synths, 808 bass, and electric guitar.

On this day, 6 pm’PARANOIA’ sound source-music video released.

Reporter Ji-ye Choi

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