Be careful when the engine or transmission system makes strange noises

Be careful when the engine or transmission system makes strange noises

Many people often ignore when a car makes a strange noise if it does not affect the ability to operate the vehicle. However, these are important signs that a vehicle is in trouble.

The engine let out a howling wind sound

In the event of a howling wind in the car engine when the vehicle is in traffic, it is likely that the inner pipe has leaked or the cooling system has problem. Then, the car’s engine heats up faster than usual and, if left on for a long time, can cause serious damage. A way to thoroughly fix a howling car is to identify and fix the leak as soon as possible. However, the driver needs to pay attention to removing the radiator cap to replenish the water because it is easy to burn hands. In addition, drivers need to understand the current types of radiator water, such as blue containing inorganic antioxidants and orange, organic in order to choose the right one for their car.

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Howling wind coming from the engine could be caused by a leaky pipe

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The sound of a hammer hits when accelerating

When this is the case, mostly due to the problem with the ignition system of the car. Or the fuel tank that is too old to be scooped is another cause of such impact when accelerating. To overcome this phenomenon, car owners should change to high-octane gasoline to delay the time of ignition to prevent the car from drowning. In addition, it is also necessary to change the fuel filter to fix this problem. If a car still makes a sound when accelerating, it will need to go to auto service center to remove the gas tank and rinse it carefully.

The sound of the hammer hits when accelerating due to a problem with the car’s ignition system

A rattling sound under the car or steering wheel

If the underbody rattles, chances are the rubber cushion has been cracked or broken. This is one of the details that helps to dampen the shock and absorb the jets from the ground up. After a period of operation, due to always subject to high temperatures and extreme working conditions, the rubber cushion loses its elasticity and the connections between the exhaust pipes become harder to make the car sound clamor. If you have to drive in rough terrain, the vehicle’s load will directly impact on the rubber gasket, reducing service life faster than usual.

The rattling under the car can be caused by the crack of the rubber cushion

To overcome this error, measures will be required such as replacing the rubber cushion completely to eliminate unpleasant noise emitted from the underbody. On the other hand, if the chirping sound is not under the car, but is coming from the steering wheel position. That is, the driver will feel most clearly when the car is cornering or stepping, maybe the steering wheel or the steering column is covered with dirt. A car’s rulers are often pieces that come together. Therefore, after a while, these details are often not tight anymore, and thus are physically worn out, which leads to noise when cornering. To correct this problem, it is necessary to clean the steering wheel system and add lubricating oil. If the situation cannot be overcome, it is necessary to replace the details.

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The sound of rubber gripping metal

When sensing this sound is located in the engine position immediately after starting up a few minutes. The main reason is that a hardened belt needs to be replaced. If the sound still does not go away even though the car is hot, it is time to change the wire immediately. The cost to replace the belt is usually quite low, so it is quite easy to replace the transmission rubber belt quickly.

Braking screech

When the brake pads wear excessively, the hissing phenomenon will begin to appear with increasing frequency. If the driver ignores this sign, the brake disc can severely imbalance and reduce the braking ability of the vehicle, and there is a high risk that the vehicle will lose its brakes while in traffic. To completely overcome this phenomenon, it is necessary to replace the brake pads. If, after replacing, the vehicle still makes a screeching sound, it may be the problem with the car’s wheels.

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Brake screeching due to worn brake pads

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Clicking sound in engine

If the engine is not maintained regularly, it will make strange noises like rattling. Car engine teeth and oils may not meet the manufacturer’s rating. In addition, the vehicle making strange noises may be caused by valve actuator collision, low oil pressure … Normally, when there is a case where the car engine is rattling, the owner should take the car to a reputable car maintenance center to fix it as quickly as possible.

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