Be careful when cleaning the automobile exhaust, instructions on how to clean the automobile exhaust properly

Be careful when cleaning the automobile exhaust, instructions on how to clean the automobile exhaust properly

Failure to clean the car exhaust properly even if outside can adversely affect the operation of the pipe. Therefore, be very careful when cleaning the car exhaust.

Before and when cleaning the car exhaust, you should note the following issues:

Note what automobile exhaust is made of?

Car exhaust pipes are made of 2 popular materials: stainless steel (used for aerospace) and chrome-low carbon steel. For exhaust pipes made of stainless steel are often durable and difficult to crack. Moreover, this type also has high corrosion resistance. If you regularly polish the exhaust will be very clean and shiny.

However, the stainless steel exhaust has a drawback is that the cost is high, so most are only used for luxury cars. Popular cars such as Toyota Vios, Kia Morning, Hyundai i10 … only use the second type.

There are 2 main types of exhaust pipes on the marketThere are 2 main types of exhaust pipes on the market

For automobile exhaust chrome plated steel, the advantage of this exhaust is cheaper and lighter than stainless steel quite a lot. But the downside is that it is easy to deform when there is external force. In addition, the corrosion resistance is also lower than that of stainless steel exhaust. If in harsh working conditions, exhaust pipes must be exposed to many impurities and salts in dust and dirt will be shortened life.

Knowing the characteristics of automotive exhaust material will help you clean properly, without damaging the exhaust.

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Prepare protective equipment and specialized hygiene products

It is very important to prepare items thoroughly when cleaning car exhaust. First you will need a microfiber microfiber cloth to clean the outside surface, a brush / brush, or a thin steel towel to clean the inside of the exhaust.

It is advisable to have a full range of exhaust pipe cleaning toolsIt is advisable to have a full range of exhaust pipe cleaning tools

In addition, you need to prepare a specialized exhaust cleaning solution such as a chemical detergent mixture with metal surface cleaner, metal polish … You can refer to the experience of the “predecessors” ”To choose the right cleaning solution for your exhaust material.

Some car pipe cleaning products you can refer to: P21S Metal Polishing Soap or E1 Diable. After cleaning and polishing the car exhaust system, you can apply a few more specialized wax mixture to protect the surface of this part.

Clean automobile exhaust properly

First wash the outside surface of the exhaust pipe to remove dust and grime. Note, do not let water get inside the car exhaust pipe too much, it will cause engine problems. To clean the inside, you can use a wet cloth to wipe away the dirt. This is the safest way than direct washing with water.

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Next, you soak the cleaning solution into a dedicated towel, then scrub the exhaust. Scrub the inside of the tube with a scrub brush, broom, or piece of steel wire. Then rinse the solution with clean water.

Use a scrub brush to scrub inside the tubeUse a scrub brush to scrub inside the tube

After you have cleaned the exhaust, you move on to polishing. First, apply a polishing solution to a clean, clean cloth and rub gently on the outside first, inside after. Continue, you get wipes clean to get the best gloss. Finally, you take a rinse once and admire your results.


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Polished outside and insidePolished outside and inside car exhaust

Cleaning the exhaust (exhaust) of cars seems easy, but not simple. If done improperly, it can cause damage to the exhaust, such as causing the exhaust pipe to be scratched, rusty … When you have to spend another expense to fix automobile exhaust or even replace car exhaust there!

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