Bau Duc did not buy Ha Duc Chinh for Kiatisak

Representatives of HAGL confirmed that there was no story of Ha Duc Chinh joining the Nui Street football team.

Recently, a series of Vietnamese media sites that published information related to the German election may be considering recruiting striker Ha Duc Chinh on the payroll of the Danang Club.

Verifying this information, we had an interview with the senior leaders of the HAGL Club, according to which the answer was given by the representative of the Mountain Street football team: “There was no basis, never had this“Thus, the NHM certainly has the answer to the authenticity of the above rumor.

Obviously, there is no reason for the HAGL club to recruit Ha Duc Chinh. Because, according to the philosophy of the Mountain Street team, they are making the most of the resources they have, especially with the strikers and midfielders trained by themselves.

Ha Duc Chinh will not come to HAGL.

It is understandable that the rumors appearing in the context of HAGL’s high performance. Because, during the time when the Mountain Street football team is extremely hot, any news related to them will “earn” a huge source of public opinion.

Besides the story of Ha Duc Chinh, the leader of the HAGL club also affirmed us that there is no such thing as the Nui Street team planning to recruit hot names of the Vietnamese Communist Party, such as Que Ngoc Hai or Phan Van Duc.

Currently, HAGL is taking a huge advantage in the championship race. With just one more point, HAGL will officially win the V.League 2021 first leg. This season, HAGL is aiming to win the championship after 17 years of struggling to relegate.

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