Battlefield V launches a new update called Defying the Odds!

Battlefield V launches a new update called Defying the Odds!

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Battlefield V – EA's turbulent lamb is about to have a one-year-old birthday in a good way. In preparation for this big day, the 4.4 update bears the name Defying the Odds has been launched with notable improvements.

With Defying the Odds, the manufacturer will revise the balance of the game towards a more balanced arena for players and comes with a patch of system errors. The game will also update two new maps and increase the career rank (career rank) from 50 to 500.

With such a huge number of improvements, the 4.4 update will be equally huge. Specifically with a PC, Defying the Odds will consume up to 22GB of space and for PS4, Xbox One will be a bit less with 16GB.

Defying the Odds opens the fourth chapter of the game with two new maps called Lofoten Islands and Provence (now available in Squad Conquest and Team Death Match game modes).

Along with the two new maps, the weapons of Panzerbusche 39 and Breda M1935 PG have been confirmed with the new update of Tides of War in 2 weeks.

The update also fixes a problem where a player could not jump through a window and the number of bullets was not displayed on the screen. The types of explosives and grenades, recoil for submachine gun (SMG) and sniper rifles damage will be refined.

The manufacturer promises that the changes in 4.4 this time will prevent the death of the carelessly you do not deserve to receive. After the 4.4 update, the 4.6 update will soon be released by the manufacturer this month with the arrival of the classic Metro map.

Any information about the next changes will soon be updated by the manufacturer on the game's home page.

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