Battlefield V is controversial when removing two multiplayer modes

Battlefield V is controversial when removing two multiplayer modes

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Battlefield V once again received criticism from the gaming community when removing the two popular multiplayer modes of the game stream from the system.

Last month, DICE just satisfied all players Battlefield V when adding a completely new map to the game, for the first time since its launch.

Not long after that, they were quickly kicked by gamers when deciding to remove some of the fans' favorite multiplayer modes.

More specific, Battlefield V removed all servers for two modes: Frontlines and Domination this week.

The development team of the game announced on Reddit: both modes are considered much less popular when compared to Conquest mode, the studio's criteria are to make sure that the game always creates pleasure. happy for players, limiting waiting and these two modes do not meet this criteria.

DICE also pointed out that there will be many actions to remove separate servers for non-standard modes and invest more resources in game modes that bring new experiences like Rush, Grind, Fortress and Outpost.

Although both modes have been removed from the private server system, Frontlines is still available in the Grand Operations and players can participate through the Server Browser.

In addition, DICE states that both Frontlines and Domination can return in the future after being better customized and upgraded or via Tides of War.

Even so, fans are not happy with this announcement when almost every comment in the Reddit article is negative.

Battlefield V Having received many positive reviews when it was released, it is available on PS4, Xbox One and Origin (PC) for a price of 59.99 USD.

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