Batman is about to have a private star on the Walk of Fame - Photo 1.

Batman is about to have a private star on the Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce's Choice of List of Fame List has just announced a list of honorees with a private star, viewers of Variety's exclusive livestream provide a surprise when "Batman" was promoted to the second on the list.

The names were selected during an assessment held in June, and they surpassed hundreds of candidates, spread across aspects of the entertainment industry, including television, musicals, films. photos and music.

In addition to Batman, the movie catalog also has notable names like Mahershala Ali, who recently had the honor of receiving a second Oscar with a supporting role in the Green Book movie. Other names include director Spike Lee, actors Julia Roberts and Chris Hemsworth.

In the field of television, the names of the winners are Andy Cohen, Wendy Williams, Christina Applegate and Terry Crew.

The music sector has the presence of Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Alicia Keys and Billy Idol.

In the Commission's official statement, Vin Di Bona said: "This year's choices are truly unique. We have recognized the talent of 35 artists who have built their own legacy in Hollywood. Besides, we also honor new artists who have touched the hearts of audiences with movies, television, radio and music items.".

There is still no official date for individuals named to receive the unique honor in an artist's life. They will have two years to schedule their own star on the Walk of Fame. However, with the case of Batman's superhero, it is unclear who will be the one to accept the prize. Probably the descendants of the creators of Batman, Bob Kane and Bill Finger, or the current president of DC Comics.

This is still a great honor of the DC in general, the whole film industry of superheroes and comics in particular. There was a famous figure in comic history who appeared on the list of fictional characters with their own star on the Walk of Fame.

Speaking of Batman, actor Robert Pattinson will be our future Batman. Fans are having mixed opinions about this, but cannot confirm anything until they see Pattinson wearing the legendary black cloak.

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