Trans Vietnam, luggage going through Vietnam, Trans Vietnam by motorbike
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Basic 'luggage' through Vietnam is only known by motorbikes

( In recent years, Vietnam travel has become a hot trend for many young people who are passionate about self-sufficient travel. So what should be equipped with a motorcycle through Vietnam?


Every trip needs a specific plan. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to plan the trip with the appropriate departure time, avoid stormy seasons or choose ripe rice seasons. Moreover, a clear plan will save you a lot of time and it is important that you know in advance where you are going to have the right preparation. In addition, predicting the cost of the trip, the time it will take will help make reasonable choices.


The average cost for a day / person is about VND 500,000, including meals, gasoline, motels and sightseeing expenses. This is the average for a comfortable meal, adequate accommodation, taking 500 thousand multiplied by the number of days to go will produce the money needed for the trip, this money does not include things that need to be prepared before the trip. go.


Trans Vietnam, luggage going through Vietnam, Trans Vietnam by motorbike
Exciter convoy traveling through Vietnam

In fact, any kind of motorbike can run through Vietnam, as long as the car is in good working condition and not damaged, it can go all.

Just change the maintenance of oil, change tires, Dad wins … (if necessary) is going to be all, of course, some cars like scooters will be a little disadvantage during the trip, especially when moving on the supply. Pass roads and recently there are a few places banned scooter circulation.


A long trip will take a lot of effort, especially some of the attractions in the North require to be strong enough to conquer those landscapes. Running car also greatly health. There are people who eat enough to lose 2kg in just 16 days.


Companions are people who are indispensable in long trips across Vietnam. They will be the supporters when there are incidents on the road, happy memories and especially people who take photos for you. If the trip has 4 or more people, the cost of the trip is also more economical thanks to the sharing of accommodation rentals and shared meals.

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