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Basic comparison of Xiaomi Miband 4 and Amazfit Cor 2, brothers sharing the furnace

Because before I bought Miband 4, I bought Amazfit Cor 2, but there are 2 children available in my hand so I have a basic quick comparison to you to refer to 2 smart bracelets with the same house Let's produce this. First, you refer to the information sheet, parameters of these two bracelets.

Although the same manufacturer runs on a Mifit app but has a different price, the features you see between Miband 4 and Amazfit Cor2 are quite similar and I would like to offer a few The other is: NFC on Amazfit does not have the wrong information, charging, weight, bluetooth lower, IPS LCD screen is bigger but hong is more than miband 4 :).

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The music playing feature on Amazfit cannot be adjusted to increase or decrease the volume as the miband 4

During the actual use of these two bracelets, I personally have a little comment to make it easy for you to choose for yourself the most satisfactory bracelet.

I would like to talk about Amazfit before:
– The screen is not as beautiful as the miband 4, but it gives a better view of the information displayed
– The vibration part is quite stable, I feel a bit stronger than miband
– This battery I use for longer than sure.
– Connecting the pulp over miband 4 has 4.2 only.
– Changing the wire is generally limited compared to miband 4, but it still can be replaced, but the 3rd party accessories for children have a few options.
– The change of amazfit wallpaper also changes but now there are still errors and limitations, fix the Vietnamese font error, I have a tutorial then you can refer to the subtle Smart Watch group.
– The community of customization for this child is a little bit I think due to the price and the difficulty of making it not much.
– The price is quite high compared to miband 4 and it is not allowed to use mass as miband, but the measurement of heart rate or footsteps is better than miband 4.

And now talk about Miband 4:
– The screen is smaller than Amazfit is sure of course the displayed information will be less and more difficult to see despite using amoled.
– The vibrating part is slightly less stable than Amazfit.
– The 4-pin miband battery is stronger than this, many of you are using and also know, the reason is simple because your brother's community has many. Should stick to the battery type is normal :).
– Pretty good bluetooth 5.0 connection, I like this.
– Changing the strings of all types is too much and using it with miband 3 accessories and I like this too.
– Changing the wallpaper on the 4 miband is favored by the xiaomi in the Mifit 50 app for changing. And recently, I also have a guide to guide you to display the Vietnamese font, how to install changes in the external wallpaper for 2 Android and iOS operating systems. Who hasn't done it yet, review the tutorial in the group!
– Price, Miband 4 has the current price is too stable with the domestic version only close to 600k depending on the place of sale and warranty.

Summary of quick comparison:
Up to the present time, I still like to wear both, but I'm a bit inclined to miband 4. Speaking of which, there's no need to say anything more. You know how to choose the smart bracelet that is right for you :).
Thank you for watching the comparison. I wish you to choose the right smart bracelet for you!


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