Barca’s presidential candidate sends a message about Messi to PSG

Recently, Barcelona’s presidential candidate, Joan Laporta, officially spoke, sending a message about Messi to PSG.

Barcelona’s presidential election is still disrupted by the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic in Catalan. Therefore, this team will wait at least until March this year to be able to welcome the new president.

Also during this time, all Barca transfers will be interrupted. The Camp Nou team has not been able to decide the future of their number one star, Lionel Messi, while PSG wants to have the 33-year-old striker attire in the 2021 summer market on a free transfer.

PSG really wants to serve Messi (Image: Internet)

Before the incident, recently, Barcelona’s presidential candidate, Mr. Joan Laporta officially spoke up, sending a message to the French team:

“I already know that PSG is having financial losses and then we’ll talk about whether they can go ahead and what kind of contract it will be. But first, we ask PSG to respect Barcelona and not try to destabilize us. “

Besides, Joan Laporta also affirmed his position in the past and called on people to vote. He talk that:

“When I was the president of Barcelona (in the past), Real Madrid didn’t win the Champions League. So if I get elected, I hope to once again reverse the situation. ”

Currently, Laporta is leading the race to the top of Barcelona, ​​behind him are two other candidates, Victor Font and Toni Freixa. Barca’s election will be held on March 7 this year.

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