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Barça presidential candidate warned coach Koeman if elected

Ronald Koeman is a member of the famous Barcelona at the end of the last century, and the team won the La Liga four times in a row. He is also the only scorer to help Barca beat Sampdoria 1-0 to win the Champions League for the first time in 1992. With Barca, he deserves a living legend, and his name will be even more brilliant if revive the team is disoriented.

However, not everyone from the Barcelona family welcomed Ronald Koeman back. “If I were to become the president of Barca, Koeman would not lead the club. Koeman is a Barca legend. We have to thank him very much considering the complexity that exists in the team at the moment. given that he accepted the challenge of being a coach “, candidate Victor Font to run for Barca president to speak.

Victor Font – candidate for Barca president next term. Photo: FCB

Font said he may be reluctant to wish Koeman a success, but then be ready to replace a new coach: “We have to wish him the best of luck and hope we can win the third. But then we will apply our main project and ask everyone to comply, from vice president to employee. The last youth team. It is an organization that we have been preparing for a long time. Then if Koeman wants to, he can continue to contribute to the Barca project in some way. “.

The person Victor Font chose to take the seat of Barcelona coach was the legendary Xavi, who was working in Qatar: “Xavi is someone who can solve any problem at the club. Who will lead Barca will be decided by the Board of Directors, but if it was me, the answer would be Xavi. Messi was very disappointed with the situation.” Critical at the club, I expect him to play under Xavi in ​​2021 “.



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