Bar de Sherbrooke An aggression of incredible violence

Bar de Sherbrooke An aggression of incredible violence

A week after the violent assault that led to the death of one of her clients, the owner of Taverne Urbaine in Sherbrooke is still very disturbed.

“We’re a family, here at the Tavern, we all know each other. We don’t tend to have customers who are rude or aggressive to the point of committing such an act, ”said tavern owner Brenda Carrier.

TVA Nouvelles obtained the images of a surveillance camera which testify to the violence of this gratuitous attack which occurred on August 17 at the end of the evening.

The accused, Kevin Sanders, with his arms covered in tattoos, appears angry with the waitress.

The victim sitting to his right told him to calm down.

It is at this moment that the suspect grabs him by the neck to throw him to the ground and beat him.

Disturbing and shocking, the video shows the accused hitting the helpless victim with 18 punches to the head and four kicks to the face.

Before he kicked a chair and left as if nothing had happened.

The victim, Joël Mailhot was a man of great kindness and respect, without any malice.

People who knew the 51-year-old victim are outraged and unable to explain the events to themselves

“We find it horrible, especially for someone like Joel, who didn’t hurt a fly. He was very nice, very out of place. We do not understand what could have happened, ”said Ms. Carrier.

Kevin Sanders, 25, with no criminal record, was charged on Monday with unpremeditated murder.

He remains in the Sherbrooke detention center and will return to court on Friday.


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