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Today, when technology becomes an important part of every field, the Internet dominates the whole of human life. Therefore, the demand for trade and purchase of people has also gradually become more diverse and richer. The field of e-commerce was born, becoming an intermediary tool to help that purchasing process become more convenient.

In many people's needs, the method of buying online phone cards is one of the increasingly popular trends. So where to buy an online phone card and where to buy it? – the leading website for providing phone card services. Follow the article below to get a better understanding of online phone card purchase processes!

1. Why buy online phone scratch cards?

Buy phone scratch cards online – Why not? When the traditional method of buying phone scratch cards at phone scratch card stores has become obsolete, online buying methods have become more convenient than ever.

Buying an online phone scratch card will save you time when you're busy or don't want to go out to buy a phone scratch card directly. Moreover, instead of having to buy a hard card to scratch the cover to enter the recharge code, when buying an online phone scratch card, you will be provided with this number without holding the card. This happens often will help improve the problem of environmental pollution.

Buying a phone scratch card online, you will just sit in one place, use a few simple steps on your computer or phone, you can pay for a scratch card with many different methods without having to use money face. At the same time, you will also receive a discount from websites that offer services, which will save you a money that would not be possible if you bought a phone scratch card in the traditional way. Moreover, the way to buy scratch cards through websites will also help traditional card dealers save a large amount of money when buying in large quantities.

With many quality advantages like that. So why shouldn't we try to change the traditional way of buying by buying an online phone scratch card?

2. How to buy scratch cards online

Although many utilities are like that, but should buy phone scratch cards where to ensure scratch card quality as well as not to cause unnecessary trouble? As a website providing reputable online card services as well as top quality cards in Vietnam, has been gradually asserting its position in the field of e-commerce. The content below provides you with simple steps to buy scratch cards online on this website, follow up!

– The first step: of course, if you want to buy a card at this website, you must access the website, then follow the instruction process.

– Step two: if you are a new user, click on the account registration. If you are already a member, just click on the account login.

– Step three: users select "buy phone card", then fill in information about the network provider, card value, number of cards to buy, email address for website to send card code and finally Select a payment method. (You can pay via local bank accounts that have Internet Banking function activated or payment via member wallet. With payment via member wallet, users will have the opportunity to enjoy a discount with more offers from the website provide more).

– Step four: users once again confirm the password and email address if choosing payment method via member wallet. If you choose to pay via a linked bank account, the user selects the bank service he or she owns and performs payment operations.

– Step five: an email will be sent to the user's mailbox containing the characters of the codes for users to use in account activation.

– Step six: after the user has fully and accurately manipulated the above instructions. An email of the website system will announce the successful purchase of a user's card, with an email (or mobile phone number), the scratch card number and scratch card series.

– The last step: when the user has a scratch card number, just perform the operation as usual.

Not only stop at the phone card service, at website, you can also buy the cheapest online game card. With all kinds of game cards currently on the market such as Garena card, Vcoin, … always provides full, fastest response for users. Regardless of the time, regardless of holidays, day and night, staffs are always ready to support you most enthusiastically.

Undeniably, buying online phone scratch cards is a very useful online service as well as saving a lot of costs for users. Use this service from reputable websites such as so that you don't have to worry about losing money through online shopping. With a simple, friendly, clear interface, helping users to be convenient and easy to manipulate, website will not disappoint you!

Customers can refer to the contact information of at the address below:

Hung Ha Joint Stock Company

Address: Floor 2, B50, Lot 6, KDT Dinh Cong – Hoang Mai – Hanoi

Please contact:

Hotline: 1900633682 from 8:00 to 18:00 days (Support outside office hours Messaging 0982.079.209)



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