'Bangtan TV' BTS Jungkook,'World Class Handsome Visual' showed off in'BBMA'...  'High quality live'
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‘Bangtan TV’ BTS Jungkook,’World Class Handsome Visual’ showed off in’BBMA’… ‘High quality live’


Jungkook, a member of the group BTS, drew attention with a dazzling handsome visual.?

On the 16th, the official YouTube channel of BTS revealed the new song’Dynamite’ (“Dynamite”), which was released at the Billboard Music Awards (BBMA) under the title of “Dynamite’ Stage CAM (BTS focus) @ BBMAs 2020-BTS (BTS). Dynamite) stage video was released.?

Among them, member Jungkook captivated the ears by showing off the storm volume with a pop sound full of souls wrapped around her ears and delivering high-quality live skills.

He presented a fresh stage with a unique performance that added his own swag to a sense of groove full of rhythm. The treble part was also perfectly digested without shaking, showing off the main vocal down side.

In addition, with superior physical, the burgundy suit was refined and dignified, exuding the charm like a scion, and showed the standard of world-class handsome visuals.

Meanwhile, BTS won the ‘2020 Billboard Music Awards’ Top Social Artist category.

BTS has been awarded the category for 4 consecutive years since 2017. Bulletproof Boy Scouts, who shared their impressions of the award through the video on this day, said, “I am happy to receive the award for the fourth consecutive year. It is a testament to the close connection between ARMY and BTS.”

Reporter Kang Seok-bong ksb@kyunghyang.com

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