Ban Linh Nhoc Ty

Ban Linh Nhoc Ty is a new TV show for children, children who experience challenges and interesting multiple choice questions and humorous, unique but meaningful answers. , you will watch the program Ban Linh Nhoc Ty broadcast at 10am every Sunday on channel VTV3 or watch at ElectrodealPro offline.

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The Bravery Program is a very useful and interesting game show for children. Through each exercise you will be meeting different babies and the captains leading them. In the program there are separate test rounds, in each round, students will experience questions including real-life knowledge, natural knowledge, social, cultural … Besides. There are also fun quizzes to help children apply knowledge as well as bring joys and laughter to the audience.

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Ban Linh Nhoc Ty

You can watch it here to watch all the broadcasts of Brave Man. Currently, the program has been going on to season 2, with sections such as “Quick Q & A, try your guesswork …” with you to have the most relaxing and entertaining moments.

Watch live the Bravery Kid Season 2

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With useful contents and questions raised in the program, the kids will help children easily apply their knowledge as well as more acutely to give the fastest and most accurate answers. Each given situation of the program also helps the kids have thinking and creative ability to have a natural and meaningful acting.
Besides this program, there are many other interesting programs for kids that you can follow like lightning fast. Currently the program is broadcast to episode 19, with many quizzes to challenge as well as support the application of the intelligence of the children, you can watch Fast as little as 19 at ElectrodealPro.


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