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[Bạn có biết] Releasing a goldfish is a bad idea

Goldfish – the first and most basic species to farm in aquariums. Simply because they are lovely, round, beautiful colors, so watching them swim in the pool is nothing. However, if the gold as living in the wild as rivers, lakes, is a different story …

People often release goldfish for many reasons, but generally releasing them is a bad idea scientifically, so why?

Goldfish are water eaters and cause pathogens

In fact goldfish are very picky eaters, and not picky: They can eat plants, other close-ups, other microorganisms and even eat small fish. This means that they shed faeces very quickly. If you have ever had goldfish in your tank, you will notice they “go heavy” and easily contaminate the water. When they are outside rivers, wild lakes, and other places where they eat, their waste is a disaster that affects other creatures and fish. Goldfish can grow to very large sizes and weigh up to 2kg.

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Feces of goldfish easily pollute the water, especially carrying parasites and many other pathogens. Surely this will cause bad side for other fishes, ecological imbalance, …

Goldfish are very crowded, almost everywhere

Eat a lot, in dirty, cause disease, even crowded. Goldfish breed very quickly and are also a migratory fish. Almost all over the world they are “present” in all places of the lake. According to Business Insider, typically at Lake Tahoe – California, USA, the number of goldfish accounts for more than half of the total other creatures. Some other places also have a lot of wild goldfish like the Vasse river in Australia, or in the UK, Canada, etc.

That is why goldfish have many different species and relatives, extremely diverse.

Goldfish are not as stupid as you think

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We often use the phrase “goldfish brain” to mean a forgetful person, because we mistakenly assume that goldfish have a memory of only a few seconds. But this is completely wrong, because the goldfish nature has the shortest memory of 3 months and the longest is 1 year.

A pet goldfish can also know how to swim through loops, bend through holes, … It also recognizes its owner, distinguishing symphonic music. : D Do not believe it? This has been proven, goldfish – they are more devious than you think.

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