Balkan praised Russia-China during the pandemic, EU rectified
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Balkan praised Russia-China during the pandemic, EU rectified

The leaders of the European Union (EU) have planned to hold a summit with Balkan partners taking place after 20 years to be held for the first time, Reuters reported.

Balkan praised the Russian-Chinese in the long-term, EU chan chan
The EU and Balkan are about to have an online summit with the Balkans. Photo: Reuters

Leaders of 27 EU members will meet online with heads of Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Northern Macedonia.

According to the British newspaper, EU leaders have noticed a slight change in Balkan countries’ support for the alliance, compared to Russia and China in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic.

One of these countries is Serbia, which is very active to be a member of the union bloc. The Serbian President strongly criticized Europe’s attitude towards them, considering it a “fairy tale” after the EU failed to respond to calls for aid against the COVID-19 epidemic. Meanwhile, China and Russia have actively provided medical protective equipment as well as experts to help the country fight the disease.

Unnamed diplomats told Reuters that the Balkans could lighten the EU’s insufficient credit of 3.3 billion euros ($ 3.6 billion) they were supplying to those countries. EU officials say their subsidy far exceeds the medical supplies Beijing and Moscow send to Serbia and Bosnia in the early stages of the epidemic.

The EU’s financial assistance package not only addresses immediate and short-term public health needs, but also begins to integrate these countries’ long-term economic and institutional arrangements into the bloc.

All six countries are keen to join the EU, and it is likely that this meeting will be more geared towards subsidies in the COVID-19 epidemic than they are. The EU has just experienced a crisis about the departure of Britain and it is unclear how the plan to merge new members of the Union.

The unnamed official added, the conference brought the message: “We want you to participate [liên minh-ND] But we also have to say that you cannot pamper the Chinese and the Russians when they are right for you. “

In March, Northern Macedonia and Albania gained approval to start EU membership talks after a two-year delay – somewhat quelling concerns that their hopes of joining the EU were fading.

Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov of Northern Macedonia once said: “We cannot go back. People in the region have nothing to fear. The whole (EU) process is to help become democracies.” prosperity and efficiency “.

Besides, there is also an additional problem that there are five EU countries that do not recognize Kosovo’s independence, including Spain.

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