'Bad Feminist': Watch the beautiful Medusa from the perspective of #MeToo movement for 3 minutes to read

‘Bad Feminist’: Watch the beautiful Medusa from the perspective of #MeToo movement for 3 minutes to read

“Bad Feminist is a private exhibition of Mieke Marple Reenactment of ancient Greek mythology about beautiful Medusa from the perspective of #MeToo movement. Get the title from the book “Bad Feminist: Essays” of the Roxane Gay, Mieke Marple aspiring to attach Greek mythology to contemporary perspectives on women and rape in today’s context.

According to Greek mythology, Medusa is described as a terrifying monster in the form of a woman who has the power to turn all creatures into stone if she dares to look directly into blood-red glowing eyes. However, under the account of Ovid, a famous Roman poet, Medusa appeared in a completely different way. She is one of three daughters of Phorcys and Ceto – two primordial gods of the ocean. Medusa possesses a more beautiful beauty than her two sisters Sthenno and Euryale. It was the beauty that made her fall into suffering, raped by Poseidon in the sacred shrine of the goddess Athena. According to Ovid, instead of being angry with her husband Poseidon, Athena vented all her anger on Medusa for thinking that beauty was the source of everything. The beauty was taken away, turning into half-human and half-snake that anyone would fear.

Bad Feminist (Luminous Red Lace Medusa), 2019

Personal exhibition “Bad Feminist is a collection of acrylic and canvas graphic works of art Mieke Marple image of a beautiful Medusa based on three classic sculptures of Italian artists. The first is “Perseus with Head of Medusa” (1550) of the Benvenuto Cellini, with the image of the Greek hero holding Medusa’s severed head high as a sign of victory. Monday is “Medusa”(1640) of Gian Lorenzo Bernini , is considered a conceptual pioneer for the era that depicts the moment Medusa is transformed into a monster with pathogens and humans. Tuesday is “Perseus with Head of Medusa” (1804) of Antonio Canova, with a theme similar to that of Cellini but with less creepy details.

The works of Mieke Marple focus on depicting the beginning of the Medusa with simple yet effective layered lines and shadows. Opposite is the background frame full of colorful, vivid and sophisticated. The delicate lace background, floral wallpaper and the fashion brand’s logo lead to a subtle transformation of Medusa from the perspective of Mieke Marple. The mythical beauty symbol transformed into a noble and lavish contemporary image.

#MeToo The anti-harassment and sexual assault movement originated from the hashtag “#Metoo”, calling on the community to stand up and share stories to expose acts of sexual harassment and assault, especially at work. job. Put under the perspective of #MeToo, “Bad Feministis a combination of Greek mythology and contemporary elements that strengthened and reenacted the view of the Medusa myth. Not only from the perspective of a pure mythical story, but also hidden in the spirit and messages about women of the #MeToo movement.

Bad Feminist (Silver Floral Medusa), 2019

Mieke Marple is a female artist and writer living in San Francisco. She is a co-owner of Night Gallery, Los Angeles, from 2011 to 2016. She has done many solo exhibitions “Bad Feminist” (2019) at Ever Gold [Projects], SF: God is an Audiobook ” (2019) at 1301PE, LA.

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Source: evergoldprojects.com

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