Babies born without arms: a new survey is launched

Babies born without arms: a new survey is launched

Questioned on RTL Sunday October 21, 2018, Agnès Buzyn announced the opening of a new investigation into the worrying number of malformed children spotted in Ain, Loire-Atlantique and Morbihan.

The report from Public Health France, published on October 4, had provided no explanation and denied the excess of cases in Ain.

The children in question (three in Loire-Atlantique, seven in Ain and four in Morbihan) suffer fromtransverse agenesis of the upper limb. Their arm did not develop properly during the pregnancy.

For the Minister of Health, “We cannot be satisfied with saying: we have not found a cause. It’s unbearable “. Agnès Buzyn, in conjunction with her colleague in charge of ecology, François de Rugy, therefore approached the National Health Security Agency (Anses) to resume the investigation, alongside Public Health France. The two agencies will have to bring “Their crossed eyes”.

The Minister recalled that 80 to 100 births of children with a limb malformation are recorded each year in France. Some people suspect exposure to pesticides, without proof so far. ANSES should try to verify this hypothesis using a new methodological approach.

Meanwhile, the future of Remera, the Rhône-Alpes register of malformations, the first to have launched the alert on this subject, is compromised. The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and Inserm have withdrawn their funding and the team is threatened with dismissal.

At the microphone of RTL, Agnès Buzyn pledged that no register of malformations be closed, without further explanation of the fate of Remera.

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