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B52 ground bomber! BMW “RnineT” modified version

Zillers Garage, a modified car workshop from the fighting nation-Russia, announced the modification of the BMW R NineT into a B-52 bomber with a more modern and classic standard.

BMW’s R nineT series combines modern functions, high-level appearance and a series of attractive equipment, so that whether it is Urban GS, Scrambler or Racer, BMW Motorrad has achieved an unmatched balance between style and performance. But even if the R nineT has reached the perfect balance between modern and classic, Zillers Garage from Russia still pushes the R nineT to new heights with its magical modification techniques.

Zillers Garage from Moscow, the capital of Russia, is very good at processing metal materials, so they first covered the handle with a whole piece of aluminum to create a space shuttle-like front.

The curvy sleek lines and the rivet structure at the seams give this modified model an artistic sense like the B52 bomber and steampunk.

Not only that, this modified model also has quite complex details, such as integrated turn signals, customized wheel frame kits, exclusive modified instrument panels, body screws and detailed outlines, etc., all make this BMW RnineT look Just as cool as the new R18.

Zillers Garage also installed pneumatic shock absorbers, which can lower the ground position to just a few millimeters from the ground when parking.

In addition, the larger front wheel size also enhances the squat feeling of the R nineT, and balances the incompatibility of the front width of the body.

The retractable rear of the car houses a USB charging stand that can charge 3C products, and the appearance is handsome and practical.

In terms of performance, Zillers Garage retains the 1,170cc horizontal twin-cylinder engine, but adds a modified modified exhaust pipe. After installing a new exhaust system, this RnineT can exert a maximum horsepower of 110ps.

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