Maxime St-Hilaire.  Source: University of Sherbrooke


Maxime St-Hilaire. Source: University of Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke University rewarded ten of its researchers for their contribution to science, during its annual celebration of research and graduate studies.

Among these researchers is Professor Maxime St-Hilaire, author of the book Legal positivisms in the twentieth century. Normativisms, sociologisms, realisms, published in August 2020 in the Diké collection of Presses de l’Université Laval.

Maxime St-Hilaire was awarded a research and creation prize for his work on legal positivism.

“Positivism is one of the richest traditions of the philosophy of science, but also of the philosophy of law. However, no definition of legal positivism is unanimous, notes the press release from the university. “

“Professor Maxime St-Hilaire succeeds in less than a hundred pages in transmitting the fruit of more than ten years of reading, reflection and work and thus initiating the reader to the state of the debate on this concept by showing proof of a great erudition, salutes Laval University. A tour de force given the astonishing plurality of works under study. “