"Awaiting Lim Young-woong concert"...  No. 1 concert I want to see the most after Corona is over

“Awaiting Lim Young-woong concert”… No. 1 concert I want to see the most after Corona is over

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It has been proven that many people are eagerly waiting for the concert of singer Lim Young-woong. Lim Young-woong’s concert was selected as the first face-to-face concert to see after the end of Corona.

Idol Chart conducted a survey from the 7th to the 13th, ‘Which star concert do you want to see first after the end of Corona?’

A total of 371734 people participated in this survey, and Young-woong Lim took the overwhelming first place with 335,657 votes. Young-woong Lim proved that he is enjoying the popularity that transcends generations by winning the most votes, beating out prominent K-pop idol groups.

In addition, Lim Young-woong continues to take first place in various surveys. Last month’s StarPass app’s star ranking’s ‘Which trot artist would you like to meet as a radio DJ?’ It also took first place in the voting results, and also received the most votes in ‘What star does not fall into my playlist in spring?’ held on the voting web service My One Pick.

He also showed off his ‘chart ruler’ side on music sites. On the 12th, Lim Young-woong ranked 1st to 10th in the daily, weekly, and monthly categories of the Melon Adult Songs Chart.

Lim Young-woong is also showing off his unusual sense of entertainment in TV CHOSUN’s ‘Call Center of Love’ and ‘Mulberry School’. As such, Young-woong Lim is setting new records day after day in various fields such as entertainment, acting, and advertising as well as music.

Lim Young-woong is also prominent on YouTube. Lim Young-woong’s official YouTube channel ‘Lim Young-woong’ has 1.18 million subscribers. ‘Lim Young-woong Shorts’, where edited videos are mainly uploaded, also has close to 140,000 subscribers. Recently, his YouTube cumulative views have exceeded 870 million.

Lim Young-woong’s fan club ‘Age of Heroes’ conveys warmth through voluntary good deeds, and is being evaluated as ‘that singer and that fan’. Various good deeds such as donations to jjokbang villages, volunteer activities, and study room donation activities are creating a warm atmosphere. In celebration of Lim Young-woong’s birthday on the 16th, Heroes’ Generation is giving a big impression by posting a congratulatory message on buses across the country.

By Kim Ji-won, staff reporter for Ten Asia bella@tenasia.co.kr

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