Avoid the Covid-19 epidemic with Toyota Fortuner after 5 years of use

Avoid the Covid-19 epidemic with Toyota Fortuner after 5 years of use

Cheap maintenance, low maintenance, low fuel costs and especially low prices are the points that the owner is most satisfied about the 2015 Toyota Fortuner 2.4 MT Diesel.

When buying the car in 2015, the total cost of the car was nearly 1.1 billion, but the active safety feature is only ABS and reverse sensors, while the passive safety system is 2 airbags. Front and seat belts.

“But that is enough to use, I drive my car actively, but the electronics are more quickly damaged but nothing.” Mr. Long owns the car.

From Saigon, we take the car to Highway 14 and head straight to Buon Ma Thuot City. The long trip this time, probably have enough time to feel better about the best-selling car SUV segment.

Pedal clutches, gear sets, motor fences quite large to the car slowly rushing up with each release of the left leg clutch. Next to No. 2 things got softer, then we quickly reached a speed of 90km / h.

Old generation 2.5L Diesel engine is still running smoothly. The high traction characteristics and low power of the diesel engine will be difficult to meet the thrust. But the high toughness and leanness bring a “muscular” power on the 2015 Fortuner model.

But when compared to the next generation diesel engines from rivals such as Mitsubishi or Ford, the difference will probably be noticeable as soon as the engine is started. Especially in the load and smooth to say that Fortuner “can not equal”.

The timid feeling when driving a new car, will come to anyone. But with this car is different. The feeling of insecurity at high speed seemed to be permanent. The “light-weighted” steering wheel made it difficult for me to control and feel the condition of the road.

But the car will feel the other way, through the suspension, chassis and bodywork. The parts seem to be conjoined to transmit every oscillation when going into potholes or rough roads. “The forks are hard,” I say, he agrees, but adds, “it’s good to have such a hard cargo or crowded people.”

I think it makes sense, everyone will have different ways to use the car and different criteria.

“Hold the steering wheel firmly, don’t be subjective, it’s easy to get lost in steering the road.” The voice of the car owner rang when the wheels had just entered the subsidence, the traces of the overloaded Container goes daily.

I hurriedly removed my hands from the gear lever to hold it steady, but the body swayed in waves, causing the whole person to shake, so the steering wheel could not hold straight. I instinctively clicked on the brake pedal to slow down, “stalling” both the body and the vehicle forward. At that time, I realized that the way the vehicle operates is so extreme.

It has a 220 mm high ground clearance, 2,750 wheelbase and 1,780 kg unladen weight. The focus is quite high so when hugging or going on the road, the timid feeling is always standing. But also because of that, the ability to go terrain or bumpy roads in Vietnam is an advantage of Toyota Fortuner 2015.

Driving for more than 3 years, frequency of continuous use of the vehicle. But to be frankly shared that the Fortuner 2015 MT still has many shortcomings with the price of more than 1 billion. But that is not the reason for Toyota customers to comment negatively on their assets.

Especially for the wise customers, when they have enough money, they always know the purpose when buying a car like Toyota Fortuner for.

In fact, ignoring operational shortcomings, the Toyota Fortuner needs to be viewed positively in the practical and very effective aspects.

Of the 7-seater cars, only Toyota’s 7-seater cars actually have the third row. It plays an important role in the customer’s decision to buy a car, because for most Vietnamese, the car is not just for the driver.

‚ÄúThis car is often packed with more people, the family is small but people are very crowded, when going somewhere so people ride a motorbike is a bit unsightly. Moreover, renting a car to them is not the same as their car, so the “stone pot” is very beneficial in this clause. Mr. Long shared.

The air conditioning system on the vehicle also seems to be a great support for carrying too many people. The level of fast and deep cooling seems to reach every corner of the car. Although exposed to the sun of the dry season in the Central Highlands, when getting into the car to start, cool air immediately spread everywhere.

It took a long time, but I have to say fairly that the car is very durable and rugged. Plastic and steel materials, though more than 5 years old, still feel solid and firm. The “buzz” or “knock” of the old plastic does not seem to exist on Fortuner.

Along the street, interspersed with the markets of the commune or city, auto parts shops appear constantly. But especially, every store has the Toyota logo on the billboard. Filler for replacement seems always ready.

No matter where the trouble is, the connoisseurs of garages are mostly familiar with Toyota. Through that, it can be seen how much Toyota’s benefit to customers.

But that alone is not enough to make the attraction of a Toyota Fortuner.

No one will feel comfortable knowing that the car I bought in just a few days or a month has dropped by several tens of millions. And that did not appear at Toyota before 2016.

The philosophy of no discount, to protect buyers in advance is a rarity in automobile brands in Vietnam. So when you go to Toyota can be assured that, going bored sell only a little loss.

Thanks to the right strategies, combined with the brand’s longevity. Those who go to Toyota can still feel secure when “choosing to send gold”. Because of these points, perhaps customers accept the trade-off of experience to choose the Fortuner model.

As for the Toyota Fortuner 2015 MT I drive, it can go to my destination and do a very good job in transportation. But it is not enough “happy” if not to say is monotonous.


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