Avoid eating these 8 food groups, you will reduce your risk of cancer and premature death

For decades, scientists still debate whether fat is good or bad. Low-carb or low-fat diets will work to lose weight? How is eating healthy?

The truth is that nutrition science is extremely complex and can change day by day. Factors involved in the story so much that even experts have to start asserting:

There is no suitable diet for everyone. Nutrition is personalized.

However, nutrition science also agreed and agreed on many issues, including some definitely harmful food groups that everyone should avoid. Here are 8 of the foods that most negatively affect your health:

1. Eating baked goods increases the risk of cancer

No matter what kind of food it burns, it is not good for health, whether it is grilled meat on charcoal, cake in an electric oven or even tobacco.

When meats like poultry, pork, beef or fish are cooked at high temperatures, they produce compounds called heterocyclic amines, (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Research shows that these compounds can boost DNA metabolism, increasing the risk of cancer.

In addition, fried, baked or high-temperature foods produce a small amount of another compound called acrylamide. Acrylamide is classified as 2A – a possible carcinogen for humans in the classification of compounds of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

This compound is usually concentrated in burnt food areas, such as bread crumbs, meat pieces or fries. Removing these areas will make your food safer.

For HCAs there is also a trick. Research by the University of Kansas, USA indicated that marinated meat with spices such as rosemary, thyme, spicy marjoram and sage can cut 87% of HCAs in a piece of meat.

2. Red meat increases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease

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Regardless of the method of safe processing, red meats such as cows, pigs, sheep … are still considered not good for health. The reason comes from a type of preinein – iron heme present in red meat has the potential to destroy the intestinal mucosa and increase the risk of colon cancer.

In addition, many red meats also contain saturated fat and cholesterol. Consuming a large amount of these compounds can clog your arteries and increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.

However, undeniable red meat also contains many nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin D, potassium and vitamin B. Meat is also a major source of protein for the body.

In order to balance health benefits and risks, the American Heart Association recommends choosing high quality red meats and eating only in reasonable diets.

Meat also has no fiber, so you should add vegetables to your diet. A recent study found that people who ate more red meat had a higher risk of premature death for all causes, which could be because people who ate a lot of meat often ate less vegetables and missed health benefits. healthy from them.

3. Sweets increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer

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Many natural foods contain sugar, including fruits, cereals and milk. For many processed foods, refined sugar is added as an indispensable ingredient to help food taste better and preserve longer.

However, sugar can be harmful to your health in many ways. First, it contains an empty amount of calories, meaning that it carries energy but has no nutritional value. Eating too many calories can lead to obesity, thereby increasing the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The risk of diabetes also comes from eating too many sugars, common behavior among sweets addicts. When you eat sugar, the pancreas quickly releases a hormone called insulin, which is responsible for pushing sugar from your blood into your cells for use.

If you eat a lot of sugar and constantly, the pancreas will also have continuous insulin secretion into the bloodstream, which in turn will cause insulin resistance, meaning that insulin cannot push sugar into cells, causing sugar to build up in the blood causing diabetes. Type 2 sugar.

The risk of cancer from sugar also comes from accelerating the aging process in the body, causing many early defects in DNA. Previously, some scientists had suggested that tumors thrive with the presence of sugar in the diet. Cancer uses sugar as energy to create more mutations and spread throughout the body.

In addition, eating too much sugar increases triglycerides, a type of liver fat produced when resolving fructose. Blood triglycerides can build up inside the walls of your arteries, contributing to heart disease.

4. Soda, soft drinks, even fruit juices also increase the risk of premature death

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A 34-year study of more than 118,000 Americans published earlier this year found that people who drink lots of soda and sugar-containing beverages are more likely to die early because of all kinds of diseases, especially problems. about heart and cancer.

Research shows that soda using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar is also not good. The most surprising thing is that fruit juice is not much better than soda, even 100% natural.

A recent study published in JAMA magazine analyzed medical records of more than 13,400 Americans for many years. Scientists found that drinking 1 cup of large fruit juice every day, equivalent to 354 ml, was associated with a 24% higher risk of premature death.

That does not mean that fruit juice will kill us, but is a proof that the juice cups seem to be beneficial, which turns out to be a health hazard like other sugary drinks. .

The explanation for this is still the effect of fructose, the sugar that will spill into the liver causing fat accumulation. In the same amount of volume, whole fruit also contains less glucose than juice, and there is also a lot of fiber that slows down the absorption process thereby reducing the harmful effects of sugar.

5. Processed foods increase the risk of overeating and premature death

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Processed foods can be interpreted to mean any item you cannot find in which an edible part of a plant, animal, fungus or algae. Researching people who ate a lot of processed foods, scientists found they were at risk of dying earlier due to many disease groups.

Moreover, processed foods make it easier to eat too much than fresh foods. A 2019 breakthrough study from the US National Institutes of Health found that people who eat super-processed foods also eat more than 500 calories a day and gain more weight than when eating less processed foods.

"TThere really is a causal relationship between super-processed food and the amount of calories people eat"Researcher Kevin Hall said. Other researchers have also linked packaged foods with multiple cancer cases and premature deaths.

6. Refined cereals cause weight gain

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Refined cereals are found in items such as white bread, pasta, rice, breakfast cereals and baked goods like muffins. Although these are very convenient and delicious meals, they often have sugar and are also processed foods.

And importantly, none of these products contain whole grains. Instead, they have been peeled off the outer shell to remove germ layers and bran to provide fiber, vitamins, protein and fat.

Instead of starting a new day with sugary cereals, many nutritionists recommend eating a cup of Greek yogurt mixed with nuts and berries. This breakfast will give your body healthy fats, proteins and fiber to keep you full.

7. Alcohol, beer, alcoholic drinks increase the risk of cancer

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One problem with alcohol is that the ethyl group compounds in drinks can irritate tissues, making them more vulnerable to carcinogens.

Heavy drinkers are more likely to experience long-term health problems – a 2018 study found that drinking more alcohol was associated with an increased risk of developing all types of cancer.

For other alcoholic drinks that are often served in bars, they also have a lot of sugar, so it is similar to soda.

However, like most things, drinking alcohol and alcoholic beverages in moderation will help reduce risk to a minimum (and sometimes provide some benefits). A can of beer or a glass of wine a day is considered moderate.

8. Fungus causes poisoning

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This should not have been repeated. If you go into the forest and see strange mushrooms, don't eat them. But mold growing on broken food, such as leftover food for too long in the refrigerator is also a problem.

Some molds cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Some other molds will produce toxins in the right conditions that make you sick, even death.

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