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AVG Free antivirus software


AVG is one of the most effective and free antivirus software available today. Download AVG and use is the effective solution for you now, by managing and protecting data throughout the day, ensuring you absolute safety.

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AVG AntiVirus Free antivirus software strongly supports in removing and removing viruses from the computer from different sources in the internet environment, spreading via USB, … in the safest way.

AVG AntiVirus Free is an effective anti-virus software and is especially free for users. Also the free version, you can download Avira Free AntiVirus, BeeDoctor, Avast Free Antivirus 2015 … to install and use to protect your data, your computer.

* Download Avira Free
* Download BeeDoctor
* Download Avast Free

Instructions to remove viruses, protect computers with AVG AntiVirus Free

Step 1: Download and install AVG AntiVirus Free on the computer.

Download the software here: Download AVG Free

Step 2: Install: You follow the instructions. And this is the interface of antivirus software

Install the program (You refer to how Install AVG)

Step 3: Scan any drive or folder on your computer by clicking Scan now on the interface

Choose to enter, there will be 1 table Scan Options

Inside :

– Manage scheduled scans: Choose a specific schedule for virus scanning.
– Scan whole computer: Scan for all data on the computer for viruses.
– Scan specific files or folders: Scan for data of a folder or drive.
– Scan computer for rootkits: Scan only for malicious code on the computer.

To scan the directory we select Scan specific files or folders -> there will be 1 table Scan Spencific Files or Folders – Settings appears -> finished press next to continue:

One table Scan specific files or folders appears and select the folder you want to scan -> click Start Scan to start scanning for viruses.

The scan will be conducted:

Wait for the software to finish scanning, there will be specific notifications.
For scanning both your computer and any file you just choose instead Scan selected forder in part option then equal Scan computer and Scan file Yes, the step of selecting and scanning is the same.



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