Marvel fans accept the fact: Avengers Endgame does not surpass the revenue Avatar - Photo 1.

Avengers Endgame does not surpass Avatar in terms of revenue

Avengers: Endgame has achieved many achievements since its debut: $ 2 billion in revenue, topping the fastest growing films of all time, and also the ending movie of 22 other films of the time. 11 years time. But one thing that Endgame did not do was to overthrow the king of Avatar's revenue, with the final distance of 18 million USD.

More specifically, Endgame's revenue reached $ 2.76 billion, while Avatar was about $ 2.78 billion, the pursuit was almost impossible to succeed. Marvel Studios also had a "stimulus" operation by releasing a new version, with additional footage removed to surpass Avatar (20th Century Fox copyright, now a subsidiary of Disney) but failed.

In the past, there have been many campaigns created by fans to expect Endgame to achieve this feat. Like the famous youtuber Jackfilms made a lot of cult movies of Marvel. On Marvel's subreddit, fans also turn to show off that they go to the movies more than once.

Last year, a crazy fan was Tony "Nem" Mitchell went to see Avengers: Infinity War (the first part of Endgame) 50 times to support Marvel filmmaker. This "dedication" also helped him become an honor guest of the premiere of the Endgame section.

Marvel fans accept the fact: Avengers Endgame doesn't surpass the revenue Avatar - Photo 2.

According to some fans, Endgame's replay campaign did not succeed as expected because the movies (only about 18 seconds long) were added disappointingly, with poor CGI quality. On the contrary, they also feel happy because Endgame achieved the second position in revenue, because Avatar is a huge global phenomenon in 2009.

"Avatar has achieved such great success because it is a movie for everyone. I don't think Endgame will be able to surpass Avatar, because it's a transcendent superhero movie anyway. from comics, there are smaller fans, no matter how successful it is, it can't match Avatar – a huge blockbuster movie. "

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