Avast Cleanup: Effective app for cleaning - cleaning up junk
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Avast Cleanup: Effective app for cleaning – cleaning up junk

Avast Cleanup is a highly effective Android junk and cache cleaner app. Remove file leftovers and unused apps with a single tap, for a faster, more powerful phone. Avast Cleanup removes junk files. This optimizes the performance of the phone and enhances its speed.

Basic functions

Θα Cleaning Up Waste: The preinstalled App Removal app deletes pre-installed bloatware type apps that you are not using to prevent phone delays.

Συσκευ Device Manager: System Screen: View all important device-related information on a screen.

Σ Device Manager: App Hibernation temporarily suspends apps and thus extends battery life, saves mobile data, cleans memory and improves device speed

✔ Junk Cleaning: Remove Junk: Avast Cleanup quickly analyzes phone storage and cleans away unnecessary data.

Έξ Smart Safe Mode cleans instantly minor data, system caches, photo thumbnails, installation files, file remnants or unused files and APKs. With just one tap you delete a bunch of junk data.

Κα The Cleanup Advisor provides a detailed overview of all phone data.

✔ Uninstall one-touch applications to free up space, increase device speed, and avoid delays.

✔ Phone Cleanup detects and cleans larger files, media, apps, and junk.

✔ Use the ignore list and mark items that you do not want displayed on the device.

✔ Optimize and speed up your Android device by controlling your storage.

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