Autopsy results reveal that the Haitian president was brutally tortured before his death

TPO – Haitian Prime Minister Claude Joseph said late President Jovenel Moise was tortured by gunmen before his death.

“Mercenaries came to the president’s house, they tortured and killed him. We arrested almost 20 people. They are being detained. We believe that justice will certainly be done,” Claude Joseph said in an interview.

At the same time, Mr. Carl Henry Destin – a member of the Haitian investigation team revealed to the newspaper Le Nouvelliste that President Moise was tortured in his bedroom. His daughter managed to escape, while his son and his staff were silenced.

Autopsy results reveal that the Haitian president was brutally tortured before his death

The mansion of the late President Moise. Photo: AP

An autopsy showed that President Moise suffered a broken arm and a broken right foot.

Earlier, some sources said Mr Moise was hit 12 times, while First Lady Martine Moise was hit three times and seriously wounded in the abdomen.

The group of suspects in Moise’s murder included two Haitian Americans and 26 Colombians. 19 of them have been arrested, and some are still on the run.

Haitian authorities described the group of suspects as “professional, well-trained assassins”. Many of the suspects are former Colombian soldiers.

The assassination of President Moise plunged Haiti into a deep political crisis.

Moise, 53, took office in 2017 after a controversial election. After refusing to hold scheduled elections, Mr Moise was asked to resign by the opposition.

The day before his death, Mr. Moise appointed a new prime minister, but before this person could take office, the president was assassinated. The person who is temporarily running the country is incumbent Prime Minister Claude Joseph.

Haiti is scheduled to hold presidential and parliamentary elections on September 26.

President Jovenel Moise and his wife Martine.  Ms. Moise was taken to the US for emergency treatment after being shot in the abdomen.
Authentic recordings of the First Lady of Haiti’s account of the assassination of President Moise

Haitian police asked people to stay away from the US Embassy area in the capital Port-au-Prince as many gathered outside, waving passports to apply for asylum in the US.  Photo: AP
Anonymous official revealed that the US has no plans to send troops to Haiti

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