Automatic color correction feature in Photoshop
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Automatic color correction feature in Photoshop

You can spend your time learning new Photoshop features every day, but you will never discover this special tool. That is why Photoshop has become such a powerful program today. It is considered as a standard for all commercial works. Photoshop is a good, useful photo editing software that changes the workflow in a more positive way, regardless of how long it is used.

Today, we will learn easy and quick color correction tips in Photoshop. There are many options that are often overlooked. Hidden in the settings menu is the algorithm that users want Photoshop to apply to adjust automatically on layers Curves and Levels.

Layer Curves và Levels

Here are the steps to mastering this useful feature:

1. Open the image to be edited in Photoshop.

2. Create a layer Curves or Levels.

3. In the control panel, navigate to the menu at the top right (indicated by a small icon with four lines stacked on top of each other).

4. Once in the menu, select “Auto Options…

5. Users will see 4 algorithm options. “Find Dark And Light Colors“And”Snap Neutral Midtones”Are the 2 recommended options. This will apply the selected algorithm to the image.


6. To use this algorithm by default on future layers, check the box “Save as defaults”.

7. If the image is not as desired, in the layer Curves, Use the eyedropper icon (found in the panel on the left) to sample a location in neutral gray images.

User can access the screen Auto Options Faster by holding the key Alt / option while clicking the button “Auto” in the control panel.

Refer to the video tutorial below if necessary.

Hope you are succesful.


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